Depository Note to Users:

If you are using ArchiCAD version 16 or greater, we highly recommend switching to GRAPHISOFTs BIM Components cloud-based ArchiCAD-integrated community database which provides direct access to thousands of GDL elements from users, GDL developers and manufacturers in one place.
For more information:

Welcome to GDL Object Depository!

This website provides a forum for Archicad users who want to exchange free GDL objects and texture libraries. GDL Object Depository has two purposes:

Free ArchiCAD object download
Free GDL objects, libraries and textures are available for download from an easy-to-understand folder hierarchy for all registered members of the Archicad-Talk forum. As a starter GDL object Depository contains all the GDL libraries that were previously released on the GDL Central website. Note that you have to accept the download agreement before you can start downloading.

Free ArchiCAD object upload
Registered users of the Archicad-Talk forum are enabled to contribute to the content of this depository and share their free GDL objects and textures with other Archicad users. For each uploaded element the owner has to provide basic information such as the title, the version and the language of the library. Furthermore a short description and a preview image can be added to every object.