Ecodesigner STAR thermal bridge resolution error?
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#1: Ecodesigner STAR thermal bridge resolution error? Author: ~/archibenLocation: CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:17 pm
hi all,

just testing Ecodesigner STAR before taking the plunge - i noticed the attached happening when working through the thermal bridging simulation for a (very bad) detail...

it looks to me like ecodesigner can't 'resolve' the detail enough when there are thin elements at an angle like this. i would expect these steel DHS purlins to have far more of an impact on the cold bridge but in ecodesigner's calculations it is almost as if it resolves the purlin into lots of discontinuous blocks . . . ?

what are others experiences?


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#2: Re: Ecodesigner STAR thermal bridge resolution error? Author: DesignEngineerBIMLocation: Asia-Pacific PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:41 pm
It's horses for courses.. and its probably fine for what all basic archicad uses are now expected to do
If clients want accuracy, they are better off going to an environmental engineer, most use poorly presentated FEA 2D. If you want to step it up ANSYS, Comsol, Adina all do 3D multiphysics (FEA) and costs 20x...but clients luv the presentation. LOL, its like 20 years ago when clients first saw Archicad/3D, they couldnt get enough, now its the norm. The great thing about multiphysics is you can write your own (Silver bullet) Pdes/Equations and purpose made apps and deliver them with absolute precision, like customized medicine
Ill see if I can put up some of my WDs up

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