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#1: Bluebeam connection issues Author: JohnathanLocation: California PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:14 pm
Hi all, our office has been experimenting with the new Bluebeam connection.
First of all, this is great, especially the one-click publishing feature.

However, we have had a problem importing markups; specifically, the sheets never align. When I start an import, the pdf sheet from bluebeam will briefly appear on my screen and then disappear--and it is WAY out of alignment with the layout. The markups are then brought in where the bluebeam sheet briefly appeared rather than in their correct location.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any ideas on how to fix it? I can control linetypes, fills, pens, etc via the import markups "options", but I cannot adjust alignment.


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