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By Erwin Edel
I suppose I am 'lucky' in the sense that localisation generally pushes back our new release a month or two after the INT (and other major) releases. All the videos popping up for me are teaser previews of what is to come, I do the upgrade course around our release and if I want to, can be productive with the new tools/changes fairly quick.

As said, I do not tend to jump right in with existing projects, unless the upgrade allows for a very smooth transition.

This isn't allways a problem anyway, some version have been rocksolid and I've been working on version side to side before. That said, the transition from 18>19>20 has been very smooth and right now I am only working in 20.
By Ville
Brett, get real, do you call BMW factory if you have problem with driving? Or do you expect their broschyres to solve your daily routings. No, you go to driving School and use GPS .

To my opinion professionals should not use chat or even YouTube as main learning channels, hobbyists do.

In Finland the independent GS distributor trains hundreds of users in new features and basic courses yearly. There is also public free roadshow going throug country, annually. Only few of Finnish 3400 ArchiCAD users even have account in this Forum. Yes, we do have internet, but trainings is just still much more effective...

This forum is for transparent peer to peer support, which aside shows users challenges to GS. I do believe developers shoud listen to Feedback from here, but leave training for professionals. In Finland the distributor collects and sends bugreports and feedbacks, as part of the maintenance agreement service (SSA).
Graphisoft is where they should be, developing the software... And the car Price, NOR maintenance fee, include driving lessons.
Best regards,
(20 years of ArchiCAD training experience)
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By Erwin Edel
I will say that the times I have looked up YouTube clips on Cinerender (for example), I find that they serve a nice purpose for highlighting some small feature in more detail. Same goes for morph tool vids back in the day.

Sometimes it is a bit too much of "we'll just increase the luminance channel by 4.65" and I'm thinking "Of course, makes sense, 4.75 would've been wrong", but for the most part they serve their purpose for going in some extra depth.

The reseller course is great for getting your feet wet with the new tools. Our reseller also offers their own written support articles on more in depth procedures.

The help documentation itself is very in depth too and PDF allows for quick searching keywords.