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By ejrolon
As a contrary point of view, I find the amount of clicks in Revit to be less than Archicad. Also the selection of objects in Revit is much faster than AC. For example, if you place the cursor over a door in Rvt, you get instant selection as opposed to AC in which you have to find the magic spot to get selection.
Another slight difference, when drawing a line, wall etc. in Rvt, you get an inference (corner etc) instantly while in AC, you have to wait for a fraction of a second to get the inference. I initially found this quite frustrating but have learned to slow down a bit.
As far as accuracy goes, both programs have their hurdles to overcome and inaccuracy is principally user error.
I think that Matthew (welcome back) refers more to activating tools not necessarily selecting objects and having used both I have the opposite problem to your advantage. The inference corner delay you can fix by either editing your W/E so that the delay is 0 or by assigning a keyboard shortcut to activate it instantly (this is the one I prefer because then I have greater control). About the wait for view regeneration, AC views are not "live" and that is the reason for the delay, point to Revit.
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By Richard Morrison
About the wait for view regeneration, AC views are not "live" and that is the reason for the delay, point to Revit.
I don't do projects where it is an issue, but I thought that the "background processing" introduced in AC19 was pretty much supposed to take care of this.
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By ejrolon
Background updating works if you have the Tab open so that one lessens the issue but in Rvt you can have 4 windows open at the same time and they are constantly updating which AC cannot do. It is a subtle detail and IMO it can slow down a project to unacceptable levels.
By KrisM
I have set the W/E selection time to 0 secs. You still watch Archicad draw the circle around your inference point. Revit does not do this., nor Autocad or a number of other programs. If anyone has a way to lessen this, it would be great. It is a minor thing. I never thought about using a shortcut. I will explore this.
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By ejrolon
With the shortcut you don't have to wait and as a bonus if you hit the shortcut on top of one of the blue circles it removes it.