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By Samppa Hannikainen
Thank you LaszloNagy for recommending that presentation video. I must admit the improvements on column and beam tools seemed a bit 'meh' on the feature announcement but when I saw them live they were really impressive! As for the opening tool it's something that makes you say "Of course! Now why hasn't this been on the toolbox long ago!".

This might be the wrong place to ask this but here goes anyway: In the presentation, a presenter has an (I'm assuming hotlinked?) MEP IFC model, and he proceeds to create multiple opening elements using the ProvisionForVoid elements in the IFC-model (which was really impressive btw). I've never hotlinked an IFC myself, so what I'd like to know is: can these ArchiCAD opening elements be "updated" (or even deleted) when the MEP IFC is updated, so that the ArchiCAD opening elements will have a "link" with the original ProvisionForVoid elements in the IFC hotlink?
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By Barry Kelly
Mohamed Seliem wrote:
Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:36 pm
when it will be available to buy and download?
Go back about 4 posts before this one and you will have your answer.