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By z_space
Does anyone have a date for the release of ARCHICAD 23? When I fired up ARCHICAD 22 the other day, I saw a message saying my protection key had been updated to ARCHICAD 23, so I am hoping that the release is around the corner. We have some new projects starting up soon and would like to test them out in 23. Has anyone heard any rumors of a release date? :D

They expect it in the UK on the 23rd of September. Don't know if that will be before or after it is available in other areas. ??
Lingwisyer wrote:
Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:04 am
See this post. It was apparently announced at the launch event.
The INT version usually comes out first, closely followed by other English language versions.
Each country likes to add their own tweaks to their template so that is why these take a little longer after the INT version.
Then other languages follow soon after (at least I hope so).

So if the UKI version is set to be released on 23rd September and the AUS is on 8th October, I think it is safe to assume other English language versions will be out around the same time with INT on or just before the 23rd.