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So...I was thinking about a topic discussion on "how can Graphisoft do a better job of marketing" I was participating on another discussion and this came to mind.

TODAY, NOW....RIGHT NOW...with this whole stupid Covid-19 thing....Graphisoft is positioned to take advantage of remote work.............BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE NOW AND QUICKLY......

I do not want to sound like a vulture or insensitive a capitalist can take these world events now that everyone wants to continue to do business and be profitable and USE this power of the TEAMWORK servers and remote access to SHOW everyone in this industry how well Archicad performs remotely.........................GRAPHISOFT?..........Are you listening?

You posted this in Construction Documentation originally. Have moved it to Work from Home, but we'll see if the admin leaves your post here. Personally, the topic and tone is inappropriate ('stupid Covid 19 thing' - really?) and insensitive to colleagues who may be ill or even have died, but I leave the moderation up to the boss.

Graphisoft had a press release weeks ago that certain BIM Server access was going to be made free for a period as well as emergency licenses. They acted early in the spread of the virus. As part of that effort, they even started this new subforum.


I don't know how aware you are of what GRAPHISOFT have already done to address the current situation.
They are providing emergency licences, and BIMcloud as a Service for 60 days for free:
Press release: ... ccess.html

don't want to get into any "sensitivity" issues some have here.
Just trying to emphasize to GS that they (Graphisoft) besides offering the FREE webinars have a YUGE opportunity to capitalize on this ill-fated flu epidemic thing (again...don't take it so sensitively here)....

that's all I'm trying to state.
Don't take my few words out of context to push your agenda forward...............please, we are too mature for that stated....let's discuss how GS can make use of a bad situation and turn it into a leveraging force in the BIM world.
Rob, Take a deep breath and relax before you burst. Graphisoft are doing everything they can in these difficult times. Bear in mind some of their own staff are also having to work remotely. And to their credit, even with my humble single licence, I received a phone call from GSHQ UK, from a remote working member of staff to check everything was ok and they were available with help if I needed it.
That is terrific that GS is able to continue working as some folks can not.

Take a deep breath? I'm not the one who became hyper-sensitive about a few words in comment I
But, shall we move beyond this sensitive matter and continue with our discussion of what GS can do to take advantage of this situation?....I'm hopeful we can.

So...back on track please.