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By amateur777
I am using Archicad for 2 month now. Student Template of uni.
suddenly my items kind of exploded to many pieces. For instance, Tree, changed to 100 parts and everywhere I see cross. Guess something to do with views. They look fine on Layout block. All messy in View Map though :( Any way I can fix it?
Archi Issue.jpg
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By Erwin Edel
You either copy pasted some things (objects) or exploded them.

The 'crosses' are just hotspots, they don't show up in PDF or print.
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By Barry Kelly
If you have exploded and object, there is unfortunately no way to un-explode it (unless it was the last thing you did - then 'undo').

You would have to delete and put back the origin object.

If you want to get rid of the hotspots, then select the hotspot tool in the tool bar and then press CTRL+A.
This will select all of the hotspots in that elevation.
If you are happy with that selection you can just delete them.
If there are other hotspots that you would like to keep, then you will have to de-select those before deleting.

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By Barry Kelly
Copying & pasting in elevation will automatically explode what you copy as it doesn't actually copy the 3D element (if it was a 3D element).