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ares997 wrote:[...]I can remember some things that crashed and somethings that shinned with Archiad as my tool of choice.
I just want you guys to understand the importance of right here right now. They say if you are looking into the future and into the past at the same time you are pissing on today.
ares997 wrote:
I just want you guys to understand the importance of right here right now. They say if you are looking into the future and into the past at the same time you are pissing on today…
right here right now

Is doing Architecture of which Archicad is a tool, much like a pencil, I will help but I will not pay to be a cheerleader or be part of GS marketing department. This is not my job.

I am with Karl this IMO is a professional forum to argue, ask and discuss about one of the tools that we use to produce architecture.

If you have questions, ask.
If you have tips, give them.
If you find a bug point it out.
If you have a funny story, write it.

But stop telling and implying us that We Are Frustrated
or WE Don't Get It
or That We Don't Know What We Are Doing.

This forum is brought to you by the kids in Budapest to talk about all sorts of things...but most importantly a community of active users. It's not just for bugs or solutions. We are both designers and supporters (most of us). You can do whatever you like, and express it.

If it's to hard for you to take the same amount of time that you did today in archicadtalk out a little bit into the world wide web, I understand. If you don't want to tell a couple people about your excitment or trepidation it's ok there are kids waiting to replace you.

Graphisoft is my company Archicad is my software and I am proud to yell it to anyone who can hear me. I am not going to back down because my own team mates are to scared to hear their voice resonate off the web.

Thanks Graphisoft for giving me such a wonderful tool, dynamic, parametric, and now the delta server and much more. I will fight for you Graphisoft even if I am alone with 20,000,000 autodesk'ers at my gates. Without Graphisoft none of this would have been possible. I love my profession and am honored to use your software.

Live long and prosper Graphisoft. I got your back.
Fortunately Archicad is much more than a pencil, and much more than all the pencils in the world put together.

If Archicad is like a pencil to you it might be good to review the help files or training guides offered on the GS website and Youtube.

Archicad surpassed the pencil nearly 30 years ago. And today it isn't even like a cad program anymore. What some will be able to do when their software arrives will be unlike any other time in the history of design


What you do can help! Be apart of the team and cheer them on even when you aren't on the field.

The Adsk stock tumbled hard the day of the release anouncement, it wasn't a coincedence. They are scared, you can see it in their press releases. You could sway one more new seat, you could influence a student. But that is for you to decide. I made my mind up long ago and have no regrets.

If you are lost in the current do you complain about what others are doing to get to shore or do you start swimming with them, helping them, supporting them if you can?
Why are you fighting me? I have assumed nothing about what you do! If you want there is other places for you to spend time here on this forum than wasting your energy defending yourself against your ego.

I started this thread to express one thing. That it is important for those with a voice with a passion to stick there fingers in the web and yell about Archicad 13.

You are here for another reasons besides what it says on the title of this thread. I am honored that such an experienced and knowledgable mentor/teacher such as yourself has come here to convuled the topic into a pissing contest. This is not at all about you or I it is solely about helping GS and AC13 and importance our voice or rather our little fingers are right now.

Thank you GS
If it's to be a Windows application, which was advertised in past decades, then GS may have to follow the ribbon metaphor / organization. However, it might allow users to preserve previous screen/menu layouts and succeed where others may fail. Preserving some valuable things from the past seems to be sxomething that GS has supported, via WEP and flexible shortcuts.

I really really really hope you are just kidding here... :shock:
Ribbon interface tries to fit a square peg into a round hole when used in applications other than it has originated from mate. This is a typical approach of corporate dinosaurs (which MS and ACAD are) to cheaply apply a blanket policy on anything that remotely shares at least one common feature - unfortunately the only common feature of MS Word and particular CAD software is that they suffer from being run on Win.
One more thing though.
I do really think that Revit (and eventually ADesk) is the best 'feature' that AC could have ever gotten. It gave us all (either GS or users) a proper wake-up call and hopefully it will allow us to push AC boundaries quicker and more efficiently. Well, TW2 at least is the first sign (and hopefully not the last) that guys in Bud can still deliver a revolutionary blaster.

So I am not sure if we should really bring ADesk to its knees, on the contrary...
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