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By LaszloNagy
Paul, ARCHICAD was never in the middle or top of the top right quadrant, it was mostly in the lower right quadrant.
So it is actually coming up continually in terms of Market Presence.
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By Paul King
Oh well. I have just done my bit there anyway!

Personally convinced that if something like the Unity engine crossed with Lumion was integrated by default, ArchiCAD would utterly destroy the competition.

Architects are intrinsically very visual people, so built in capacity for seemingly effortless and instant but stunningly attractive looking visualisation outcomes will utterly convince the practice decision makers where it counts most - emotionally.

ArchiCAD could offer a creative environment they WANT to occupy.

Right now anyone who is not a user themselves who is comparing the ArchiCAD vs Revit Vs SketchUp or whatever have mostly dry verbal specifications and geeky user descriptions to go on - but as they say, an image is worth a thousand words, and a compelling live and dynamically editable 3D experience is probably worth ten thousand it will cut right through any fog of words.

Which decision will be easily justified to others later by the better than Revit technical capability.