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Barry Kelly wrote: Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:49 am
Bricklyne Clarence wrote: Thu Sep 26, 2019 6:38 pm (*I've been informed by a friend who works at the traffic department where I live that those push-buttons actually DO work contrary to popular belief that they're there just for show. Just not as responsively or as fast as people hope or expect since perception and reality are often far apart in circumstances such as those.)

Just like the wish list. :wink:


Just one little problem with your analogy (of my analogy).

The light eventually DOES turn green for the person crossing the street.
However long it takes.
Or however long(er) it may seem to take for he person pushing the button.
Typically within their lifetime, and more usually within some minutes.

There are some wishes in the wishlist section that have been there for the better part of two decades running into three now and I wouldn't put money against them potentially being there beyond some of our lifetimes.

Even the beam cover fills that they're crowing about finally having done in the latest version, prior to that I can recall had been in the wishlist section for as long as I've been using this program (since the '90's, just to be clear).

You see the other problem (going back to the analogy to extend it a bit farther), if I keep pushing that button and I see it just not turning green fast enough, I might think it's broken or something and I might decide to find some other crosswalk to cross from whose buttons is actually working (or seems to be working to me).
Furthermore it won't matter to me once I've done that, whether or not the light at the previous crosswalk (eventually) turned green after I left there.
I was left with the belief that it was broken, and that was all that mattered in influencing me to make the decision to seek another recourse.
Do you see what I'm saying here?

(hint: that other crosswalk in the analogy is ArchiCAD's rival programs or the developers of ArchiCAD's competitors).

Sometimes in life the perception you create (intentionally or inadvertently), becomes the only reality that exists for the people to whom you're catering to.

And Graphisoft are not doing themselves any favours with the perception they're creating of their product and their view of their own customers.
Not criticizing BC opinion.

The view from the other side of the sidewalk…

and the comment from another AC user to the tweet
Kudos to AC for having different ass aches over the years
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I appreciate the alternative perspective from "the other side".
But it behooves me to say that if I were ever to stop using ArchiCAD, then Revit is most DEFINITELY not the way I would choose to go as an alternative.

A little bit of a problem with this comparison is the fact that Revit was never created nor developed by Autodesk (even though they do develop it now).
It was bought out from other people who created it (and who knows if they are still with the firm), and ever since then it's been a perpetual exercise in trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole, with the expected results.

So the notion that it still has problems that existed 15 years ago, is no less surprising or shocking (despite their seemingly endless well of resources), than it really is more to be expected as an inevitable likelihood.
They're a profit-first, profit-driven company who care less about whether or not you enjoy using their tools in your work to do better work, than that you just have the tool at all, whether or not it's just sitting on a shelf in your office collecting dust.

ArchiCAD has always been Graphisoft's baby.
They created it. They developed it and continue to develop and (we would hope) innovate it.
There's supposed to be a different level and set of expectations (of themselves and their product) from the guys who created the tool with the tagline,......"Created by Architects, for architects".

Besides which, perhaps it's just me but it doesn't really strike me as the most effective way to argue in defense or explanation of the flaws that still exist in your favourite software by asserting,...."....well the other guys are just as bad. And they have more money."

Shouldn't you be aspiring to be better than, the other guys, rather than, to be just as bad (or just as "good", even?)?

But maybe that's just me.
Bricklyne, check out Archline XP 2019, very similar to Archicad (made by ex-Graphisoft employes apparently) but more pointed for the residential market than Archicad and their toolsets are a lot more automated and you can tell there has been a lot more thought gone into their tools than what Graphisoft produce.
And the icing on the cake is the very credible "live" addon which I think is certainly more realistic than Bimx. Many Youtube videos of all its features and toolsets. Well worth a look at. Surprised it has been years since it was last mentioned here.
I do agree with you on this BC. IIRC the only software that Autodesk has produced is Autocad every other has been bought.
Should have written “view from the other corner of the crosswalk…”
GDL is the most time-saving tool, just make a localized library.
The disadvantage of GDL is that it requires coding knowledge.
I recommend that graphisoft need to improve gdl so that ordinary users can easily make parametric models.
DWilson wrote: Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:07 pm
Shouldn't the survey be on which item takes the *most* time???
Great one.
I've got another -
What's the main feature missing or stopping us from doing our jobs more efficiently or accurately?
I'm still waiting for a Detail Manager.
I totaly agree!

And BTW, your suggestin of a Detail Manager could be embedded in a Hotlinked file synchronization long time suggested here by rwallis