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Gareth wrote:I have had my grizzle about this too (directly with Central Innovation).

I quite like the Aus WinDoor Builder (but it is released later and later each year to the point where you might be lucky to get 7 months benefit from it), and the Joinery add on is pretty useless and so too are most of the Aus Library parts.

The Tech support is excellent and I have used it on a few occasions and the response times are quite fast. it is worth noting that I use the Tech support less and less each year.

However, and I have tried explaining this to them, it is difficult to justify maintaining the Select Agreement when costs keep increasing.

In a nutshell, it's only the new version of ArchiCad that has actually kept me in the Select Agreement, and let's face it, many of the new versions haven't exactly been that brilliant.

I also see no point in buying Cadimage addons to perform tasks that ArchiCad should be doing in the first place...!!

This may well be my last year of the subscription too.
Unfortunately my select agreement came due just recently and without the benefit of a trial run with V21 ( I didn't qualify as a beta tester...too small or just Australia)and the cost increase, I declined to continue with the subscription :-(. It also means I'll be dropping the Cadimage suites I buy as well.
Just had to pay another huge amount for next year's Cadimage subscription. That, coupled with the Australian Select pay hike has really soured my relationship with Archicad Australia (Central Innovation). I do not think I will continue subscribing next year.
Hey folks,

Sorry I dropped the ball on this one.. I didn't get notices of the replies.

I just wanted to confirm I have canceled our subscriptions and I'm sticking with 20. I had received a 21 Beta licence which I tried out and wasn't that excited about it. They didn't really seem to care, I had 2 phone calls demanding payment before x date then after that it was just cancelled and I haven't heard from them since.

If I had seen better integration with other software or improvements in cameras/rendering/exports or improvements on windows & doors (infill panels like we've been asking for for 10 years) then I might have stuck with it. But I'v been using crappy stairs and railings for 10 years and never complained about it. I don't know how they figure this was a priority unless it's the easy way out to merge Cadimage tools with ArchiCAD and just re-brand it.

I'll keep 1 eye on whats happening, but now I have to pay 2 upgrades it'll have to be pretty spectacular.. like way better C4D integration with material node connections and proxy rendering or a live link to a gaming engine or speedtree or Rhino or solid works... I don't know something useful.