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I contacted Schuco, because some door/windows were not available on Bimobject.

The reply I got was that Graphisoft was working on a new standard, so they wouldn't release or develop any more objects on Bimobject until Graphisoft had released this "new standard"

?, [censored]?

Why would they say something like this?
It is really interesting to see the exact reply of Schuco.
I believe that if there is something true behind their answer Graphisoft should inform the users officially
about any kind of forthcoming change.
Probably this is a kind of improvement, I hope.
Retdefender wrote:
Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:44 am
It is really interesting to see the exact reply of Schuco.
Where can we see this reply?

This is the official reply from Schuco:

Fikk forresten svar fra Tyskland ang. BIMobjektene du etterlyste. De svarte at siden Graphisoft jobber med ny standard (som tar tid) kan det ikke programmeres flere ArchiCad objekter pr. dags dato, men at de ville se på dette etter standarden er klar.

It translates to:

Just received a response from Germany regarding the BIM objects. They said that since Graphisoft is working on a new standard (which takes time), they cannot program more ArchiCAD objects per today's date, but they will look at this when the standard is ready.
Are they meaning a new standard or just a new version(22)?
I have heard nothing about anything new in the GDL format if that is what they are referring to as a new standard.

I really like this message from Schüco. I hope it means what I've been waiting for for a long time now : completely new door and window tools. They are the logical next step for Archicad version 23 after stairs, railings and curtain wall.

I'm really looking forward for more information about this!
Really interesting that the new version was just released and we are already discussing about the next one.
We architects will be never satisified with anything!!!!!!

To the point...the quaestion is how official is Schuco's answer. Do they have an independent GDL developer or is this in contact with someone from inside Graphisoft?