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By Aaron Bourgoin
I learned today that both Pal Szabo and his ever-able assistant Adel "Ed" Kirollos passed last month. Pal was Graphisoft's presence in Canada for over 25 years and he and Ed worked tirelessly to build a community of ARCHICAD users here from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.

In collaboration with their API programming genius Kamal Habbib, they also developed user content and client specific solutions that were ahead of their time.

I worked as Pal's representative in Western Canada for 15 years and through this time he and Ed were immensely supportive and helpful in a sales environment that made ARCHICAD a very hard sell. GSCNE was truly a family business and I'm grateful for everything that Pal, Margaret his wife and Adrianne his daughter did for me and my young family.

God Speed both of you. R.I.P.
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By gpowless
This is a sad passing, GSCNE was my support centre when I first entered the world of Archicad V6.0 in 1999. Even after Pal and Graphisoft parted ways in 2012 both Pal and Ed kept in touch and offered support where they could.

Both will be missed but the memories will last.
I was on archicad talk web site only by chance when my eye pop out on this news...!???
Pal and Ed i new from early nineties (90-91). This is really sorrowful, to loose two great champion promoters of ArchiCAD in North America. Although at time I was using Architrion (long time gone) and later TriForma I was always had great conversations with both of them (at those early CAD times soul searching was way more intense than todays Revit versus ArchiCAD anxieties). It was Pal and Ed with their not only sincere but passionate insight that made me ArchiCAD user since version 6.
Maybe not important but certainly significant, especially in this moment, that our conversations were not limited to our professional activities and technicalities of using the software or computer platforms but we ventured in all kind of discussions that touches our humane strives.
I am just about to retire and very glad that I glanced at what use to be my favourite pass time lecture: "ArchiCAD Talk".
My condolences to both families.
Andy Zarko Madunic, OAA Architect
On behalf of our families (Szabo and Kirollos), we would like to say thank you kindly for the heartfelt words you have shared about my father and Ed. They were amazing individuals and they are missed every second of every day.
Although we mourn and are still trying to recover from the shock of these sudden losses, we focus on the fact that we are blessed that they were ours and that they shared their amazing talent and gifts during their short stay, here on earth. They will forever live on in all of our hearts.
Thank you again for your condolences and support - and thank you to Camille Chami for sharing this with the community.

From my sister Jeanette and my mother Margaret, be well and take care of yourselves.

Thank you again
Adrianne Szabo
My condolences to the families.

Pal and Ed were our reps for many years. I always appreciated their dedication to their work and to us with any questions / support with ArchiCAD. They will be sadly missed.

Tom Palmer
I am both shocked and saddened to learn of this, and extend my heartfelt condolences to both families.

Pal started me off on ArchiCAD 4.12 out of school in the 'brave new world' of BIM on the Mac in design, and Ed assisted me through many years, including beta testing and ruminating how best to assist development. Both such kind, honest and helpful people, and will be missed...
Just now seeing this as I've been off ArchiCAD-Talk for several years. Very sad... Pal and Margaret were always a joy to see at our reseller conferences in the '90s and early-'00s. They also supplied one of the early third party (in a sense that GSCNE was separate from GSUS at the time) libraries for ArchiCAD. I don't recall meeting Ed, but from all of the tributes here it sounds he was a great champion of ArchiCAD as well. A heartfelt and albeit late R.I.P. to the both of them.