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very vague and un-nerving notice I got in todays email.
Price increase.......what exactly are we referring to here GS?
I'm on the subscription program, will it affect "that" price as well or just new purchases?
Silly question, but did you contact the person that sent the e-mail?
They would know better than any of the other customers here on the forum.
We are all just users like you.

I did contact the department/person "from" Graphisoft who sent that email and I got the following response (paraphrasing here)..........."We can't really tell you by how much or when the price will go up because we don't want to give the wrong information"........................well, then you shouldn't make a statement like that if you don't have the correct information yet.

I'm a firm believer in getting paid for your product. In this, Archicad as the product which GS hasnt' raised it's prices in like 10 years or so....but.....sending off a "vague and cryptic" email such as "we're letting you know we are going to raise prices" a bit unnerving.

Just sayin'.

I love Archicad, love the GS company but.....just sayin'.
rob2218 wrote:
Wed Mar 27, 2019 1:07 am
well, then you shouldn't make a statement like that if you don't have the correct information yet.
I agree that they should be telling you what the price increase will be.
How are you to make an informed decision if you don't know all the information.

If the price was going up say by 5%, you may decide that you can wait to purchase that new licence.
But if the price was going up 50%, you may want to lock it in right now.

Hopefully they will advise you again when they know what the increase will be and they give you sufficient time to decide what to do.

What I've heard from my US reseller:
If you're on SSA (Software Service Agreement), price this year is the same as last.
No discounts for paying early.