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By KeesW
I think that Graphisoft take their user-base for granted. I'd love to see the program I like get much more exposure. Time and again, at major exhibitions such as the forthcoming 'Sydney Build' , Revit is there but Archicad isn't. I get many brochures featuring building materials which also offer access to CAD links. Revit is ALWAYS there, but AC usually isn't. Does Graphisoft have a PR budget that extends beyond those already using Archicad? Surely our subs are high enough to cover some serious legwork with manufacturers so that we are also included in the CAD systems they work with?

Amen, brother.

You have no idea how many times me and my fellow ArchiCAD users have commented many of the things that you have just mentioned.

I would like to invite you something similar that happened in another forum, starting from the comment that I have shared, and you can make your own opinion...


Pay attention to Joel Putnam comments