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By Takis
Totally disappointed from the Archicad 23 presentation.
Nothing for real structural 3D & 2D detailing.
The new tools and improvements are only for architectural concept design.

I really wonder for what reason Graphisoft pushes a Structural Engineer who works with Archicad to work with Revit Structure instead.

Is there a reason why Graphisoft cannot complete the software for the real structural design?
3D reinforcement and detailing, real 3D steel connections?

By DGSketcher
Because Archicad has an architectural focus. Even Autode$k break their software into different disciplines.
By Takis
Autodesk did not break their software into different disciplines.
They have built Revit to be a full functional construction software.

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By licheng6095
The process of making GDL scripts should be simplified. Without a localized rich library, it is a disaster for BIM users.