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The release was delayed until September, I believe.
I'm surprised that people like you (who I assume is on subscription) weren't informed.

(which once again highlights the problem with Graphisoft messaging and informing their own subscription customers)

I'm not sure if you'll get a credit or anything for the lost couple of months (or what it would entail).

Personally I don't think you're losing that much in not getting this particular version any sooner given the features updated.
It's one of the more weaker releases in recent years from a productivity and bread-and-butter perspective (certainly since Version 20 that only had cosmetic changes). If you are a larger firm you might love it, but for the rest of us.....not so much.

But that's just my opinion.
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By mhoude
We didn't know about september. Most of the time went you do a presentation for software the next week the product is available. Your right about this version it doesn't comply with architect practice, it doesn't matter if you do small or big project.

We do struggle with many problems. Worksheet should have the option to keeping the 3d informations so went we have to enlarge a plan with a reference on the plan it is in real time modification.

The distance between architect in real practice and a software programmer is dam far.
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By Erwin Edel
I'm generally quite happy to work in ArchiCAD, but decided long ago to not adapt to the new releases in terms of using them for projects until they've been out for a good few months. Too many bugs in the past that made it through in release.

The Dutch version generally lags behind a bit on the International and bigger local releases, so not sure when we'll be using it.

We are on the subscription too, but it comes with a lot of extra features courtesy of our reseller and free support, so worth it.

That said, the feature set looks underwhelming and some of my most used 'favourite' versions have had very few big things going for them (AC11, AC15, AC20 to name my top 3), so in a weird way I'm excited for this one.
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By Jeff Kogut
mhoude wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:29 pm

The distance between architect in real practice and a software programmer is dam far.
A week doesn't go by where I mutter to myself 'Does Graphisoft even use their own software!?!'

I wish they would put 100% toward fixing/refining instead of adding more stuff. I'm thinking overhauling schedules, windows/doors, expanded library of pretty much everything we would ever need, and awesome textures with optimized settings for renderings. Why is every user/CAD Manager fiddling with these things?

I wish Graphisoft was sending out an annual questionnaire to all users asking about their experience, what slows down building a model and what slows down getting CD's done? Basically be a GREAT program instead of competing with the other guys.

I'd be happy with the next 2-3 releases only having the above done before adding anything more.
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By Lingwisyer
Jeff Kogut wrote:awesome textures with optimized settings for renderings

I would guess that this does not happen as AC is a BIM package rather than a Visualisation package. Even so, if you compare it to the included surface library in VRay for Max, it is half decent straight out of the box. Many of textures I used in VRay were paid for... They were easy to assemble though, compared to ACs terrible editor...

Regarding the delay till September, is something happening this coming month as my dongle apparently just updated to 23.

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By Marton Kiss
mhoude wrote:
Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:25 pm
We paid in april and we don't have any news for the 23 version. Are we getting a credit for 2020 :D
Dear Mhoude,

Thanks for raising this. Please allow us to inform you that to honour our customers loyalty, anyone who purchased an ARCHIPLUS or renewed one after the release date of ARCHICAD 22 will be eligible for a free upgrade to ARCHICAD 23 regardless if that ARCHIPLUS will have been expired by the time of the release of ARCHICAD 23. We hope you will enjoy the brand new capabilities coming with v23.
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By mhoude
Your text doesn't make sense. We did paid in april 2019 for 23 we are not getting it for free. By the way archicad 24 should be free for loyalty.
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By Rex Maximilian
mhoude wrote:
Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:39 pm
Your text doesn't make sense. We did paid in april 2019 for 23 we are not getting it for free. By the way archicad 24 should be free for loyalty.
He means that people who had ArchiPLUS with ArchiCAD 22 will get v23 when it's released, even if their ArchiPLUS has expired. You obviously are still within the 12-month activation so it doesn't affect you in the sense that you'd miss out without this new policy. They're doing this because it is usually released on an annual basis and many subscribers went an entire 12-month period without an update.