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By DGSketcher
Turning on background or frame will allow you to edit the shape. I think it is a known bug and hopefully getting a priority fix.
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By rob2218
Hubboy.....and I just had a potential NEW client asking about AC23. I told him to stay on AC22 until GS can resolve this "SLOW SPEED" issue as well as all the other 'issues' AC23 has been reported and experienced in having.
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It's been a few months waiting for the first hotfix for AC23, when will it be available? My work must be stopped
Suffice it to say that this is a version in desperate need of a Hotfix*.

Which is a bit surprising considering the fact that part of the whole reason for the delay in its release date in the first place, was to make sure it was stable, ready and usable.

I really hope Graphisoft have a major bumper version release planned for the ArchiCAD 24 (and STABLE too) release, to make up for the massive PR mess and misfire that version 23 seems to have become.
What's funny is the fact that normally we would be expecting a new version in a couple of months time (in the March-April-May) window, but given that we haven't even had a hotfix released for version 23 to fix the issues with it yet with only a few months to go (when is the beta testing period for AC24?) and that usually it takes at least 3 or 4 hotfixes at the minimum before a version is fully stable and reliable, then I really don't know how this window is going to work this time around.
Unless the idea is that version 24's release date will similarly be delayed by 5-6 months as well, and that this is just our new normal.

Perhaps its time to re-think this whole yearly release cycle thing and go back to the 18 month to two year release window to ensure a more stable and value-justified product.

(*and it's not even guaranteed that a hotfix will fix the issues plaguing the current release. Like I said, it typically takes several hotfixes to get to most of the issues)
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By runxel
Bricklyne Clarence wrote:
Fri Jan 17, 2020 12:36 pm
re-think this whole yearly release cycle thing and go back to the 18 month to two year release window to ensure a more stable and value-justified product.
Without reiterating everything here, but YES, hopefully GS recognizes this utter chaos and picks up the path of McNeel (Rhino).
A more user oriented way would be much welcomed.

On this occasion a big thanks to those (Ghaleb needs to be mentioned here among others), who are on the forum and give us the feeling, we are cared for. :- )
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I worked above 23 and had to stop waiting for hotfix-1, hoping that the problem I was facing as detailed tools can be fixed on hotfix-1, yes if not?

I tried to save the file down to 22 hoping everything was fine it turns out this will be faced with many problems of texture and library that are out of sync (missing library parts) even though everything is interconnected as it should be 21 to 20 will be fine.
Especially how the columns and beams made in 23 will fall apart as they should not be read properly at 22.
There is no other choice to go back down. Impossible

This seemed to be a temporary disaster for me and there was no choice but to have to keep waiting for the hotfix to come out. Oh please ...
Hoping the GS Team will release the hotfix as soon as possible, how much longer do I or we have to wait for this? at least the preview release can cure oh hurry up :cry:
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By rob2218
Why is AC23 such a mess? I have downloaded it, tried to open a few PLN files with it....and find it’s tremendously slow(er) than AC22.

Why do all these is AC23 issues keep cropping up and no AC23 hot fix in sight?
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Hi all,

Is there anyone here who might be close to information or maybe from Graphisoft, Ghaleb can tell us exactly the first hotfix for AC23 can be available?
How much longer do I have to wait for this?
thank you
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