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Have you considered that perhaps you made a mistake in not allowing sufficient space for the lift installation? They have minimum dimensions for their assembly, if you didn't make provision for their headroom or plan footprint then how is that the lift manufacturer's problem? If you are lead designer then you need to take responsibility for ensuring your specified components fit. This is why you teach your staff what to look for when adding components. Lift manufacturers information is usually quite clear if you give staff time to understand what they are specifying.

Estate prices... 20x, 30x, 40x welcome to capitalism. You don't have to live there. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems.
To all contributors here.
Please remember that when someone writes their opinion here it is just that, THEIR opinion.
You may agree or disagree and that is fine, because that is YOUR opinion.
There really is no need for tit and tat responses.
You can always Private Message someone to get into a more deep and meaningful conversation.

It is very easy for topics to go off subject, which I think is what is happening here.
I am not sure what real estate market prices has to do with how Archicad gets a bigger share.
Please keep on topic.

Thank you Barry for that.

Returning to the topic. My vision of today's BIM world is: the system of federated models and growing complicity of BIM packages do not work - architects and engineers are not following all new features and learning process takes ages (when nobody has enough time for proper training - because of time frames of projects deliveries). When 3D systems like ArchiCAD were introduced, the main point was that 3D architectural programs are error free - compare to 2D CAD systems. But reality is different - people are making more mistakes in 3D BIM programs today, than during 2D drafting. This is why not so many practises are able to deliver BIM models to level of details 5. Hardly even to LOD 3. When Virtual Construction process requires LOD 5 (then it's becoming really beneficial).

ArchiCAD from one hand shall continue introducing more complex tools (as the latests tools updates - curtain wall, stairs, railings), but also move into direction of simplicity of use, driven by algorithms with AI-like support. When instead of making 25 clicks and adding 30 different variables user makes 3 clicks and gives 2 commands, when rest is done by computer brain.
What you are wishing is probably the natural progression of technology (AEC software technology at least), which tends to wrap up current processes in the background while adding another layer of complexity:

draft by hand >> computer asisted design >> 3d modeling >> BIM >> parametric/algorithmic design (which is where we are now) >>> ??draft by hand and the computer generates all the necesary algorithms to churn out a complete project?????

with every step of technology being able to generate all the previous outputs automatically or semiautomatically. But right now, you still have to give your input, input in output out. you still need to sit down and create your BIM model or your Grasshopper algorithm in order to automate things. And most importantly, you need to know what you are doing, or else, the best computer in the world wont help you. (as a side note, my guess is current Pritzker winners, Lacaton and Vassal, dont have much use for this algorithmic stuff).

So, to my knowledge, what you want is currently not available, at least to the general public, so its pointless to lambast Archicad for it or wish Archicad was something it is not.

When the next technological step comes it can come from anywhere, not necesarily the AEC software companies. So this tecnology you mention wont save or make Archicad better because when and if it arrives it will be eventually adopted by many companies, not just Graphisoft.

One of the goals of this thread, i think, is to discuss ways for Archicad to grow its market share. Hopefully it will survive until that next technology leap comes.
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I think that technology will come very soon. If AI is appearing in every new car, even in smartphones - to adjust colours of photos, why it cannot enter AEC industry?
The complicity of AI in AEC is data base. Most of AI we know today are operating by text and pixels. This is not the case in AEC software. It needs to operate via parametric objects. What I'm asking here - is to prepare to such a switch and have operable parametric objects via AI. Something like that.

And, by the way, to increase market share - Graphisoft shall introduce the ways how to connect non-ArchiCAD users to BIM server. I guess it can be full integration of IFC on BIM server. Then via plug-ins engineers can work on the same live model from Tekla, Revit etc. in Teamwork.

So, currently I'm out of ideas. If I will have more - I'll write it down.
Just to add to what Podolsky is saying, here's a quick video of the tool in action:

Whether or not this is well implemented in Revit I don't know, but from a first look, it seems like an interesting tool that would be certainly of use to bigger practices, and perhaps even small ones. Not saying this is the most important tool needed in AC, but it is a very good example of AI implementation.
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