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henryL wrote: Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:26 am Maybe a little more connection with the user base ?
Even autodesk is moving in that way

(*dry laugh)

We talked about this over a year ago when we were discussing the (now sadly defunct) Corona for ArchiCAD plugin development process and how they also a had up a Trello board and were using systems like this to dialog with the userbase and create an information flow between the developer and the users and keep users up to date on what was being worked on, what the roadmap going ahead was and just their general thinking in developing the plugin.

At the time we noted that it would seem odd for any Software company to not have a similar system for dialoging with their users about the development of upcoming features (the McNeel folks have the Serengeti board for Rhino3D and Grasshopper, to facilitate the discussion of their future versions development and the current Work-in-Progress versions being tested by users and allow for more open feedback from testing and open discussions), and how Graphisoft were just way far behind the curve on this.

So imagine the surprise to find that even their biggest rivals - who used to be notoriously and famously super Standoff-ish towards users, much so they got slammed for it big time (more on that in a bit) - are also going the same route and now have a Trello board set up themselves.

I guess in their case, that angry letter from their Big name user clients last year did have some effect in pushing them to be more connected and open with customers about the development of Revit.

I think in this day and age any company worth their salt (specifically software development companies) not having this kind of frank, open and constant dialog with their customers regarding the development of their software and the way going forward (i.e. an actual roadmap) is just completely out of touch.

Meanwhile, Graphisoft, be Graphisofting.

(* A little off-topic:
I noticed from the Revit Trello board on that link, they're working on a lot of features I wouldn't want (but at least they're working on them or considering them), others than I'm stunned they still don't have in Revit at this late stage (but at least they're working on getting them), and of course, some that I wish we on this side even had an idea or hope that they might want to include in ArchiCAD (multi-leader tags, Slope/Elevation markers on ramps, Curtain wall mullion tags...),.......but of course, we'll never know.
It's also nice seeing the actual faces of the Development heads on there with video links of them discussing these features. Just nice to know that actual human beings are working on these things. Never underestimate the importance of the human touch and the aspect of making a human connection.)
DGSketcher wrote: Tue Feb 02, 2021 10:27 am Intuitive - I like that word, it implies anyone with a basic skill set can work with the software without having to constantly wade through a manual to do the basics. Even after 25 years of AC use there are still essential elements that frustrate me as they don't work as expected.
Agreed....and it seems no matter HOW many years of upgrades you purchase......certain functions just were not designed with an architects mind set in place. For the most part, Archicad is 90% intuitive...sorta...better than REvit I'll say.
Do anything that helps the bottom line.

More libraries, parts, and assemblies

Add better or rather more support to the forum.

Have open classes and question sessions for different levels of users

Help us Create Virtual Drafting rooms. I'd for example want to provide a zoom room for anyone to jump in to. But to be just like in a office - conversation about the product over the cubicle of space.
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