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By LaszloNagy
Dear Talkers,

GRAPHISOFT is looking for people to participate in the beta test of ARCHICAD 24. The application process is similar to last year’s. Registration starts today! If you are interested, please visit the following page:

It is not an empty page for me. But it immediately takes me to another page, which is this:

Does that page work for you?
Laszlo, do you have any info on if replies are already being sent out or is everyone still waiting? :)
The beta started over 2 weeks ago and my experience is that since there is only a limited number of beta positions available, they usually fill up fast. So if you did not get a reply so far, then those beta positions may have already been taken by others.
After two weeks, it's hard to believe that Graphisoft's management would be so rude and disrespectful as not to notify applicants in a timely manner.
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I expect that this has something to due with the present virus outbreak. If so, applicants should be so advised? --- Only common courtesy.
I actually applied right after you posted the initial post Laszlo, while there was about 150 views on the post.. So I'm hoping I've still made it in the first 200 :) Anyways, sounds like there's a bit of waiting time to go.
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By Mjules

I am still waiting for Graphisoft administrators whether to accept or reject my request.