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By manuno

I'm french architect, user of archicad since 1992... I'm very, very, very disappointed by this new version of archicad.

Nothing new for architect.
No update for stairs (more than 360° helicoidal stair...).
No update for renovation tools
No update for windows or doors, while the new tool "whole"in 23 implied goog news.
No new features on section, like stamp in area
No.... there are so much things communauty wait for !!!!!

And mostly, no enhancement of composit walls ! WE NEEDS TO MODIFY EVERY LAYER INDEPENDENTLY.

Graphisoft, you do not listen the users. Is ther architects on your teams ? True architects, in exercise ? Archicad must take into account the real ways to build !!!!

Please, listen to us !!!!!! :?
By Bricklyne Clarence
Alammouri wrote: Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:27 am ........
I mean if every two years they update one tool it will take 10 years for get a complete new tools
(Door and windows sky light /cornerwin/ shell/roof/endwall/slab/ mesh and land scape/ramp ) all this tool need to recreat with ability of 3d editing.
And of course they should complete old tool .

For example.
Ramp tool should come with stair tool in AC 21
Open tool which came AC 23 .came with only cirle or rectangle shape and they said( in the conference and youtube channel) it will come in polygonal shape next updat :D :D now after 3 Update and a new version nothing happened .


You are correct in one sense that you might not be aware of, just not in the way you think.

The 10 year figure is correct, but only as an estimate for how long it takes them to revamp new tools they introduce.
Case in point and just as an example:-

The Curtain Wall tool was introduced in ArchiCAD version 12.
A fantastic new tool with lots of possibilities, promise and potential - but which at the time was still limited in a lot of ways (which were brought to the attention of GS while they still seemed to listen to users back then).

But it wouldn't be until version 22 that the Curtain Wall tool would be re-visited and get a major revamp and still not even fixing a lot of the issues that people had brought up before.

Another example would be the Complex Profile Manager.
Introduced in version 10 (....and had to be updated immediately in the next version 11 because they had introduced a half-baked version that couldn't do complex profiles on curves paths in plan the first time), but again, it wouldn't be until ArchiCAD 22 (?) when it would receive a major refresh with things like parametric nominal dimensioning and the like.

Some tools take even longer than that between introduction and update, like for example Columns and beams have been in the program since almost the beginning and it wasn't until ArchiCAD.......version 23 (the most recent version that they got improved and revised (despite years of users asking, for example, why beams couldn't have cover fills, or curve in a particular axis). That's almost THIRTY years!

Think about that.

So for those of you hoping for an update to lets say, the Stair tool or rail tool (introduced since almost the very first version; updated in Version 21 (between over 20 or 30 years time difference)) calculate accordingly for a minimum of 10 years from the last update or when it was introduced for the first time.
So I wouldn't expect an update to the stair or rail tool anytime before ArchiCAD version 31.
I wouldn't expect an update or revision to the Morph tool anytime before ArchiCAD v.26 or 27
And so on.... and so forth.

It's brutal when you think about it that way but,....... here we are.

You'd think that a yearly release cycle would mean more frequent updates of new or existing tools, but then of course you'd be wrong.
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By Jp1138
Richard Morrison wrote: Thu Jul 09, 2020 10:26 pm I feel a little sorry for GS. One the one hand, users have been shouting, "Stop with all the new features, and just fix what we've already got." From a small firm perspective, it's nice that a bunch of new features to learn hasn't been dumped on me in AC24. Mostly stuff I can just ignore since it doesn't apply to me.

But now you've got people who are shouting, "Wait, you haven't done anything for small firms! Everything is for the big firms."

GS can't win. :D

It´s a very difficult balance, of course. The integration part, the new SAF format, etc, must have been being developed for years, but at the same time there are little things that look simple to solve to the final user and are rarely adressed.

In my case I was baffled as how the answer to the site tools request was "use vectorworks" :shock: Not vey nice on GS part. Not that I mean the site tools are a small feat, it would be a lot of work, I suppose, but it seems it´s very low in GS list of priorities, but at the same time very high in many users minds. This disconnection is a bit worrying.
By jl_lt
In my very first post here at Archicad-talk, i expressed my concern about the nature of Archicad and what it meant for Nemetchek, as they also have Vectorworks in their Portfolio..... oh yeah, and allplan too :roll:

At that moment, Vectorworks seemed to be developing at a faster rate than Archicad and (according to videos and user feedback) it DOES have many of the features that have been yearned for in these forums for years; things like a much better free modeling tool that can actually be translated to construction elements, an spectacular site modeling tool, inhouse parametric modeller environment, ramp tools among other niceties.

With Archicad 24 release i think the table is set: Nemetschek´s ambitions, or at least Graphisoft´s ambitions for Archicad seem to be HUGE, as in "Revit, we are coming for you" huge.

Do we smaller office user feel forgotten today? yeah, as there a lot of things that can and should be improved NOW, which has been discussed elsewhere to the point of exhaustion.

But at least, if the aforementioned ambitions are true, then we should expect many of these concerns to be addressed in order to truly become No. 1. Lets just hope the timeframe is much shorter than what Mr. Bricklyne suggests.

what should we, as the neglected stay-at-home housewives that we are (errr, small office users), do?

-First of all, dont succumb to temptation and let the milkman come in (that is Revit and other jerky types)
-Dont let the foot out off the pedal. Dont let the newly branded Graphisoft (nice logo by the way) think that just because they finally implemented the python API everyone is happy. Personally, It is a feature i dont expect to be using directly, probably ever, because i dont know how to code, but i can see its infinite potential and implications and I DO expect to use it indirectly, reaping the benefits of coding- enthusiasts that share or sell their scripts for a very reasonable price. Lets keep pressing, so Graphisoft makes this tool as good as it can be and keep improving (same with the Grasshopper conection)
-If we are going to voice our opinion about how neglegted and abandoned we feel, lets do so, if you like, with a proposal on what do we need to not fell that way, no matter that it has been said a hundred times before. Repetition of requests is the mother of action while wishful desire, as we all know, causes much suffering.
-Try to explore how the workflows of bigger (and blonder and prettier) offices can benefit smaller office practice. Its not like just because Graphisoft wants to compete in the big leagues we cant get the benefits of it. Graphisoft should help on this one with canon workflows and best practices material.
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By KeesW
I've downloaded AC24 INT to see what it looks like. However, it would not recognize the dongle I use for AC23. Is that because the dongle is linked to the country version of Archicad? I am in Australia. I was able to open the program without the dongle but could not save anything - as expected.
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By Barry Kelly
KeesW wrote: Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:06 am I've downloaded AC24 INT to see what it looks like. However, it would not recognize the dongle I use for AC23. Is that because the dongle is linked to the country version of Archicad? I am in Australia. I was able to open the program without the dongle but could not save anything - as expected.
The INT version will run with the version 24 AUS license, but last time I checked (Friday), the AUS licenses have not been set to update to 24 yet.
The AUS/NZ launch is on the 16th, so we may have to wait until then.
Although the 24 CI tools are launching tomorrow, which seems silly if we have no licenses for 24 yet.
Check your licence manager to see if you can upgrade yet (assuming you have paid for the upgrade).

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By KeesW
I vaguely agree with jl_lt and wonder if Vectorworks is a more suitable product for many smaller offices. Archicad has become very heavy-duty like Microstation and perhaps Revit, and harder to use. The promo trumpets its 'ease-of-use' and 'intuitive nature' which used to be true but now......?

Could we have a view from Archicad's manufacturer about where they see it fitting into their range of other CAD products, including Vectorworks?
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By KeesW
Hi Barry
I am on a subscription so always up-to date.
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By Barry Kelly
KeesW wrote: Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:20 am Hi Barry
I am on a subscription so always up-to date.

I literally just got off the phone with Central Innovation and the AUS licenses will be released on the 21st.

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