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By Emre Senoglu
jl_lt wrote:
Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:06 pm
So we dont have Ray tracing on twinmotion?? it will arrive! meanwhile, let us amaze at the marvel that even current twinmotion is. What took 4 days can be done in 2 hours now.
I'm sorry but have you used Twinmotion? It is so buggy and unreliable (after a major update that is) that usually what can be done in 2 hours is done in 4 days..
By drh64
I purchased TM in 2016 before it was free. I stopped using it last year. I simply could not afford to lose so much time on it. Too many crashes. That is the reason why they are giving it away for free now. It is a good program when it works. The AC/TM link simply is not reliable.
By jl_lt
Hi Mr. Senoglu. Yes i have, that is why i mentioned it. That may have been the case for the first twinmotion, but the 2020 version has been very reliable (that is for us and pc configuration), and even if it crashed 3 times a day it would be faster than using, say vray. Especially for nocturnes.

Granted, we normally don't strive for superrealistic rendering with super realistic grass and stuff, so twinmotion or enscape (which You can rent monthly) are more than enough for most of our needs.
And when we do need realistic renders we have them made by render specialists and pay for them.
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By Nuge
I'm quite sad because today i will close my pc and I will think "maybe next year..."
I have been feeling this way after every release for the past 5 or 6 versions, Come on Graphisoft give us something amazing and worth all of the pain we have had to endure
By GraemeB
Yep - I'm off the train - cancelled my subscription a few months ago. Archicad has taken a turn of the right track in my view, catering to mega-plex projects and industry fashion (ahh - remember when we had icons in colour!)

I do not see any one aspect of v24 that significantly improves Archicad for the small architectural practice.

Godbye Graphisoft.
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By sboydturner
GraemeB wrote:
Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:27 am
Yep - I'm off the train - cancelled my subscription a few months ago. ... Goodbye Graphisoft.
Graeme, what BIM solution would you use then?
Revit? Autodesk seems to be on a path of licensing per user per project all cloud based to keep you committed to a subscription to keep access to your data.
Vectorworks? Very much a niche product.
Digital Project? Very capable, very expensive and makes Vectorworks user base look huge.
Bentley Aecosim?

For me Archicad is the best solution available today giving good tools, workflows, interface etc to allow me to deliver projects from small fitouts to hospital redevelopments.

By drh64
It seems that all of these collaboration tools have reached a point of saturation in software development. I have better results when I pick up the telephone and have a personal discussion with engineers on project issues. People are overloaded with electronic messaging to the point that they often ignore them.
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By Jp1138
Jp1138 wrote:
Wed Jul 08, 2020 4:04 pm
And the new integrations with Nemetschek products are understandable but worrying, as it seems to mark a departure from the openbim vision that Graphisoft has been defending until now.

After watching today´s presentation and looking around, it seems various firms have jumped onboard the new format proposed by Nemetschek. Let´s hope it gains traction and becomes really a new open standard.
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By Richard Morrison
I feel a little sorry for GS. One the one hand, users have been shouting, "Stop with all the new features, and just fix what we've already got." From a small firm perspective, it's nice that a bunch of new features to learn hasn't been dumped on me in AC24. Mostly stuff I can just ignore since it doesn't apply to me.

But now you've got people who are shouting, "Wait, you haven't done anything for small firms! Everything is for the big firms."

GS can't win. :D
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By Rex Maximilian
As a 29 year user (since 1991) and a 25 year reseller (1993-2018) I can say this is the most underwhelming update I can recall. Most features are geared towards large firms with consultants who use BIM, ("all" of mine still use flat CAD), users who have paid for the BIMcloud service (as many features only work for BIMcloud subscribers), for Windows users (PARAM-O is Windows only). Or IT departments (Python scripting).

I feel like I paid $800 for "Dark Mode."

And they "wrecked" the BIMx app. It is a shell of its former self--definitely more on that later!