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Would you like to see Artificial intelligence driven architectural software in your computer?

Yes, but it will not happen soon
I don't believe that AI in architecture is possible
I don't trust robots
I think the most people do not understand how AI is working and what it really can do.
Yes, it can make a model from PointCloud. Already now BricsCad is detecting surfaces and can automatically produce floor plan from PointCloud. There is also Lidar scanning technology is coming.

It's necessary to dig a little bit deeper about modern technologies possibilities and start thinking about reorganising businesses, to be able quickly adopt new technologies.

There is very good article about it in ArchiDaily.
The ProArchitect guy name is Milos. He lives in Germany. Lets call him by his name, as soon as he will be in this discussion. Yes, Milos is using Rhino. He is writing applications on C in Rhino. He also uses CATIA.

ArchiCAD was following user interface principles of Apple Lisa. That time interface was something absolutely revolutionary brand new, appeared mouse and it was amazing - interaction of human and computers. But there were another programs, that came from different background than fancy Apple - like AutoCAD - and the only way to communicate with it was to enter information into command line.
If before command line and in general terminal style information entering did look like something outdated, with AI algorithms developing this is exactly what needed - because external AI engines can communicate with program via terminal, sending various commands.
Very fair points from an interview with Frank Stasiowski:

MCP: And certainly on the building side, we’ll need that in the next 10 years. If you get the carbon footprint of the built environment way down, you’ve got the problem at least half solved.

FS: I agree. And I think we’re going to see it. We’re already seeing it in the use of new technology for housing, in the use of new technology for air handling. And now let’s marry that to the use of technology through renewable energy sources, things that must happen in the next decade. We’ll see an explosion of new companies that marry AI to all the things that we’re talking about to save the planet. Architects are positioned to either embrace this and take advantage of it, by changing the way we do business and being the leaders of value design, or by resisting it and becoming the servants of those who lead it.

MCP: I think this is too big to resist. They will be shunted aside.

FS: Well, unfortunately, the history of our profession over the last 30 years has been to avoid liability by not taking on new ventures. By saying, “It’s not what an architect does.” In things like design-build, architects have been behind the curve, not ahead of it.

MCP: And that was a huge, missed opportunity. I don’t know why more architects don’t do it.

FS: It’s risk avoidance. If I had to pick a profession that avoids risk the most, it would probably be architects. When you look at business people—who see the risk vs. value balance, create value, and set pricing accordingly—they do very well. I think the developers who have done design/build and embraced good design have really prospered in ways that have hurt the architecture profession. Architects should have led that movement, instead of being undercut by it. ... chitecture
Podolsky wrote: Tue May 18, 2021 10:22 am Very interesting solution:

This company was recently acquired by Autodesk. ... r-program/
If it wouldn't be known and expected - I would say "this is absolutely amazing and fantastic program!". I remember I did same exercises with boxes - and it took me at least two weeks to prepare several options. But I didn't look too deeply into sunlight distribution and never though about wind and rain distribution. Spacemaker is doing all that in minutes and gives dozens of options to choose from.

I'm sure - more and amore AI AEC driven solutions will appear on the market in next couple of years. And, by the way, knowing that, I decided to open this thread on forum - to publish here all AI related news.

Probably Nemetschek and Graphisoft must organise AI lab (if they haven't yet), otherwise Autodesk will start totally dominate on AI BIM market.
Podolsky wrote: Thu May 20, 2021 9:28 am If it wouldn't be known and expected - I would say "this is absolutely amazing and fantastic program!". I remember I did same exercises with boxes - and it took me at least two weeks to prepare several options.
same here. probably most of us did at some point in our carrers. good old times :lol:
all the "errors" you mentioned in your opening statement can all be traced probably to one thing............the client (owner) wanting documentation done YESTERDAY...and not having the patience to really understand "what the F" he (the owner either wants or is getting)...PERIOD.

Errors like the ones you mentioned I garanteed you are NOT due to the lack of knowledge of how to use the software nor due to the lack of knowledge of how to design, build something in reality.....rather...the RUSH that is always at the neck of all designers.........BIM or otherwise.

Clients, Developer, owners, Construction Managers all seem to believe that the new era of BIM has some sort of "MAGIC BUTTON" key stroke on the that's my opinion
and with that and 75 could buy a pack of gum.

I've been involved in this ugly business since 1975, gone thru 2d autocad (and mastered it when it was Autocad) and now have embraced Archicad (BIM) both Archicad and Revit flavors....I can tell you, this "rush attitude" we have allowed ourselves to be subjected to is for the birds.
No. I'm 1000% sure - errors I mentioned not because everything needs to be done yesterday. Because workers I've been observing just [censored] stupid. I cannot find another word for that.
And the worst - after picking up such an error - people are lying in your eyes, that everything fine. Well, maybe because of London... People lost their mind here. Seriously - what I have seen in past 6 years - shocking.
So first they are producing a lot of really-really bad construction documentation, after there is coming conflict with clients, then coming lawyers and solving conflict, and after another team receiving this terrible corrupted documentation and fixing errors. Most of big buildings (all this glass skyscrapers in the city) are built this way in London. Through the scandals with architectural firms.

Definitely computer program can do much better, than most of architects do projects today. C'mon - there are examples appearing already of AI driven architectural programs. In next few years we will see more and more - just necessary to look into right direction.
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