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I have a large footprint project. The building is maximum X-Y dimensions are 180' by 225'. To get it to fit on my standard 24x36 sheet of paper I need the drawing to be at a 3/32" to 1'-0" scale. At a 36X48 paper size size my scale is 3/16" = 1'-0"

Pros- Sheet size is manageable for the client and his subcontractors
Cons- Scale is too small for me to get all my text on the drawing. I would have the text/labels/zone stamps completely outside the structure and there would be leaders everywhere. I do not like having leaders all over because I feel it detracts from actually looking at the floor plans. It gets too busy.

Pros- Sheet size fits drawings appropriately on a 3/16" scale. The text/labels/zone stamps work.
Cons- Sheet size is a PITA for the client & subcontractors


Does anyone have a good method for doing this? Is it as simple as pulling an edge of a view window over and throwing a match line on? What are the pitfalls of this method? I'm leery of having the views not auto adjusting and having random dimension lines on pages with the dimension text box on the following page.

Thank You in Advance


We had the same issue on a project and in the end we wanted to keep the plans at scales we were used too. the floor plans were split into 3 sections each at 1/4" scale. I had to set up 3 layers for annotation so that onlyannotations for the section i was working on would show. once set up it went rather smoothly. Use can use hotspots on the plans to keep everything aligned as you take it over to the layout book.