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By Raywill
Hi Barry,

I have had a play around with the renovation filters, first by opening a completely new file in ArchiCAD 21, I then drew a few walls and made some of them new, existing and to be demolished.
I then opened the elevations in the view map, (note the views were already created in the view Map) I placed them all on a layout and tried viewing them by changing the renovation filters. They all worked fine, as they should.
Then I made a changes in the elevation settings, Model Display, Uncut Elements.
Fill uncut surfaces with: “Uniform Pen Color” (From “Own Surface Color (Shaded)”)
After making this change in the Elevation Settings I tried the different renovation filters again and the drawing in the Layout disappears on the Layout View with the “New Construction” Filter on.
When I changed these settings back to how it was previously, it still does not show the drawing in the layout view. It is like you make the changes then there is no going back when the Renovation filter is set to “New Construction”
In the meantime, while I wait for a fix I have made a work around that works for now.
That is by creating a new Layer combinations and new layers for parts of the existing building, by doing this I have managed to have the drawing display (as it should with the Renovation Filter set to “New Construction”) but with the renovation filter set to “Planned Status” and the parts of the existing building on hidden layers for the one view.

Ray ...
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By Barry Kelly

Are you on AC21 build 5021? Have you tried the preview update yet (build 6000)?
I wouldn't be installing build 6000 - there are problems with it.
We are still waiting for this "preview" version to get fixed - it has been over 3 months already since it was first released!