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By JohnS
Hello, I am a new user of Archicad, coming from Revit and really enjoy it so far. However, I am having a problem with the Trace feature. In learning to use the program I created a simple box for the first floor walls. I click on the second floor, use the Trace tool so the greyed out first floor image appears and proceed to make second floor walls by snapping to the corners of the reference image. Then I look at the 3D image and they are 3ft off. Frustrating, so instead, the second time around instead of snapping to the first floor reference, I use "zero coordinate" location instead (thats where I drew the first floor as well). In the 3d model they now line up, but in 2D floor plan, they dont. If I have to use the zero coordinate, whats the point of the Trace tool? It could be something very simple I am missing. I have attached 3 images. The 2D floor plan is drawn at zero instead of tracing, this correlates with the correct, aligned 3d image. The 3D image that clearly has 2 boxes not aligned are when I trace the reference exactly correct with snaps.
I'm just going to guess here. It's important to think of "Trace" like an actual sheet of tracing paper; you can drag it around as needed. It's possible that it got dragged in your saved 2nd floor View and now always reverts to that offset position. Try using the "Reset to Default Position" button in the Trace palette and then "Redefine with Current Window Settings" to make sure it stays that way. Another tip is that if you are just switching floors, you can also use CTRL-up (or down), or use the PROJECT map, to switch floors so that any setting that was saved in the VIEW map doesn't get automatically applied.
By JohnS
Thank you for taking the time to respond. That didnt do the trick and I am wondering if there is a bug of sorts in my download. I draw the first floor walls at the intersection of X and Y. Like you instructed I then hit ctrl-up to go up to the second storie. Then, hit the trace tool so I can see the first floor walls and without fail it is moved up and to the left. I make a box go through those steps, then create new and try again and again to see if Im doing something like dragging as you stated. Every time, the reference is moved up and to the left. So, my work around is clicking the arrow next to the Trace tool and selecting---- Choose reference -> Below Current Story and that lines it all up. If I use reset default location, the whole reference shifts WAY down to the lower left quadrant. So, Below Current Story will have to do I suppose. Thank you again for your time and willingness to help.
Well, I was talking about having dragged the Trace inadvertently in the past, and then having saved that View. Try this: Draw a box on the first floor. Go to the second floor, and turn on the Trace for the First Floor. Reset the Default Trace and Zoom to extents. You should now have the first floor "ghost" mostly filling up the screen. Draw the second floor box on top of the "ghost." Check in 3D. If it's off, I don't know how to help you unless I watch over your shoulder what you're doing.
By JohnS
Ok, I got it to work, but Im sure its not how its suppose to work. I made the 4 walls on the first floor...not moving the mouse or touching anything I hit CTRL-UP to move up to the second floor. With no image being there, I select Trace, ghosted image of first floor shows up, but not where I created it. CTRL-Down to back to the first floor, the black editable image and the misaligned ghosted image are both there. Select Reset to default position, CTRL-UP back to the second floor, now the ghosted image is where its supposed to be. When I create the second floor, it all lines up. Thank you for your time helping me, I appreciate it.
So it's clear that the Trace got moved. (Probably accidentally.) When it is moved, it stays moved until it is Reset. You have found a good way to verify that there has been a move; show the trace and what it is referencing at the same time. If they don't align perfectly, then the Trace has been moved.