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By brakpanpolisie
Hi guys,
so I've been trying to use a flat morph as an ever present height indicator but I've been having some display issues.
The line on +2805 is a flat morph the same size & shape as the site and I've assigned it the highest priority building material assigned as well as set it to Slab in Building Classification.
2018-11-08 15_21_46-2018 09 19 - House Sunkel - Council Approval - Rev 5 - GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD-64 22.png

On my section its supposed to cut through absolutely everything and show the dashed line throughout, at the moment it stops as soon as it hits a slab then disappears, I though this might be A) building material not high enough or B) something to do with the building classification.

On some sections it stops as in the screenshot but then on other it shows properly and cuts right through, although this is unreliable as well as going back into the working section the results are again different.
I suppose its some sort of clash but clash of what?
If it is a 'flat" Morph, it means it is a plane, not a solid body, and this is probably the reason for the issues you are seeing.
Try to extrude it vertically so it has a very small thickness (like 0.1 mm), which will also mean that it will become a solid body.
Also, if I understand it correctly, you would have to use the Merge Elements command since the Morph by default does not create Priority Based Connections with other element types:
By Bricklyne Clarence
Why are you using a Morph for that instead of just a regular line (or Polyline)?

In any case, from your description it seems to be that your problem is not building material priorities but rather "Display Order" assignment.

You can assign objects (2D or 3D) display order levels to have them show above or below other objects and right now it seems like your morph is at a lower display order than the slab.
Right-click the morph and under "Display Order" select "bring to front", which should bring it all the way to the top.
(either that or do the same to the slab, and under 'Display Order' select "Send Backward" to send it behind the morph. And you might have to keep doing this until the morph shows correctly. You're better off doing it the first way bringing the morph to the top).

Also I'd suggest you use lines instead of Morphs for what it seems you're trying to do (if I understood your description correctly).
Morphs (even flat 2D surfaces) are 3D objects in ArchiCAD which add to your overall Polycount and affect the screen and program performance as they begin to pile up, much more so than 2D line objects or shapes (fills).
By brakpanpolisie
Thanks Laszlo, the 0.1mm thickness works perfectly, cuts & displays just like I want it.

@Clarence, at first I thought it was a Display Order issue but Laszlo was correct in it being a flat morph.
I'm experimenting with a flat morph for section heights on this project as it is a extremely difficult terrain with multiple heights, keeping track of the heights over 9 sections with lines was proving to be a pain.

I agree the morph is not 100% ideal but this way I always have the correct height over every section / elevation, but yeah the idea still needs some tinkering