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You can't.
Each partial structure display has to be dimensioned separately.

Sadly you can't copy them over in any way either. Learned that the hard way after dimensioning in the 'wrong' partial display for a few hours.
felcunha wrote:
Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:12 am
You can copy/paste into a worksheet then copy/paste back into your plan/cut view...
But they will be static dimensions and not associated to any elements.

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By ejrolon
But Static dims can become associative by relinking the nodes. Instead of using the worksheet you can also:

1. Select all Dimensions you want to copy
2. Change them to Static
3. Use CMD/CTRL + C to copy them
4. use CMD/CTRL + to undo the conversion to static
5. Switch to the correct PSD
6. Paste and relink as necessary

I use this method to copy paste dims between different drawings if necessary

What is step 4? CMD/CTRL + what?
You mean CMD/CTRL + V?

My understanding is that once a Dimension is turned to static, it cannot be made associative again. You would have to recreate the dimension points to make them associative again.
Am I missing something?
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By ejrolon
Those are copy/paste and if you use undo after copying the static dim then it becomes associative again.
Ah, OK, so I Undo after Copy, that way the original Dimension will revert to being associative (while the copied instance will remain static). Got it.