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Can you illustrate you request ?
What's your graphics aim precisely ?
Why my screen capture do not satisfy yourself (expect the choice of hatch and color of hatch of course) ?
I have the same question. I am aware there is a way to edit the fill of the shadow with the elevation set to "Own Surface Colors (Non-shaded)". But is there a way to adjust the shadows fill when your elevation is set to "Own Surface Colors (Shaded)"? Or am I misunderstanding this setting? Thanks. :D
What I'd like to do is adjust the darkness of the fill when using "shaded"

See examples 1 and 2. With example 1 (non-shaded), you can adjust the shadow fill, say I can set it to various fills

With example 2 (shaded), this setting does not appear. You can only show shadows ON and OFF - no editing of the shadow fills.

What's the reason behind in Example 2 you cannot edit the shadow fills?
Example 2.JPG
Example 1.JPG