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By Luiscardoso

I have been wondering for a while what is the most efficient way to deal with detailing and would love to start a mini discussion on how different people do it and learn something from you all.

Nowadays we want as much as possible drawn in 3d which works best for BIM and means less 2D drawing. But still, some things need to be on 2d and sometimes the 3d elements dont have the best appearance,

In the past offices where I worked, we always redrew in a separate worksheet every single detail from scratch using 2d fills,polylines, "dynamic objects" and "static objects". That was fine for graphic purposes but meant spending ridiculous amounts of time updating details when something changed.

Lately, I have been trying to figure out ways to use objects to define parts of every detail (ex:1 object for the floor layers 1 for the outside wall with options for different thickness of materials, etc) so that each detail contains maybe 3 or 4 objects, which would mean if the sizes/types of floors or walls change, I have to modify 2 or 3 objects and not 30 or 40 details.

It still seems to me like a waste of time.

I know some people work directly on the section adding 2d fills and objects in a layer for details and using the detail tool just to get the detail for layout
others use annotation patches on the section
others use the detail tool to make the rough detail and work inside each detail adding 2d fills etc...

what is your method and why? What is your input on this?

Looking forward to learning from you all.
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By Tim Ball
I have been working with complex profiles to do thois for years now.

Here's an old video I did with Eric Bobrow

There is some more up to date stuff as well but you may have to pay Eric for it via the Masters of Archicad course.
By Luiscardoso
Thanks Tim!!!

But then out of these you make details where you do annotations?

And if so when you rebuild those dont you loose a lot of info?

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By Tim Ball
I link the detail tool market to a view that is at the correct scale with the correct layer set so it remains a live 3D view.

Annotation is via autotext pulling data from properties assigned to each element.

There is a more advanced video here

from 2:02:00 onwards