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Hi Deviz, just received this from Central Inovation.

There is an object called Document Transmittal Form #1990 under my select benefits Archicad 23 Essential library (Updated 02/03/2020) that probably will be a good solution for you.
If you don't have the Essential library installed yet, you can download it from your MyCI account.

Also, we have a webinar where Josh explained how does it work.

This video can be found under My Select Benefits > Videos

Looks really good, download and add the Archicad 23 Essential Library to your Archicad Library 23 folder, its worth watching Josh's video as well to get started,
Hi James,

I've had a change to explore the object and didn't get too far with it.
Asked Central Innovation (CI) for assistance and they got me to 99% of it being perfect. The missing 1% unfortunately is quite critical to make it usable. It would in fact appear that either you chose to have all your drawings in descending order (top to bottom) or your issues in chronological order (left to right) - see attachment.

I'm still discussing this with CI cos I can't believe they have left this out of their thoughts when they developed it, however it would appear that it will be a suggestion for the next release of it (~3 months away).
Do you (or anyone else) have a workaround for this?
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 3.53.52 pm.png
Hi all,

so you know I've worked this out.
Trick is to keep issuing one layout religiously at every single issue.
I've created a sheet with the transmittal in it and chosen that as layout to issue every time.
You can then chose not to show that specific layout in the transmittal via library part settings. Yay! :D Automated transmittal is a thing now! Was about time! Thank you CI for developing it!