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By KeesW
I have been fighting Archicad for the last few weeks and think that it is winning!

Tiles not showing.JPG
Tiles not showing

I used the fill tools to add 300x300mm tile fill on a working drawing I am doing. Used before in AC23 it showed correctly. Used here in AC24 it simply doesn't. Two issues - does it look like 300x300 to you? Also, why doesn't fill always show? My attached extract from drawing shows what I mean The tiles, though shown wrongly, appear on my path but not on the landing outside the door. Simple requirement but I cannot understand why the fill doesn't show. Is there another fill already? How can I find it - I've looked! Ggggrrrr!
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By Barry Kelly
Hi Kees,
You have managed to turn off the 'Vectorial Hatching' option off in the 'On Screen Display Options'.
So you are actually seeing the bitmap image of the fill.

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By runxel
Also it looks like the drawing order might be a culprit.
Your pathway fill appears to be behind another fill (or slab, or...).
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By KeesW
Barry & Runxel

You are both brilliant! You are right. Silly me. I guess I don't do enough drafting to recognize these errors when they occur. Thank you.