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This is really a big frustration!
I have set a schedule that lists doors and windows. After a lot of trial and error I managed to get all doors to correctly show their related zone name and number.
But not windows!
For some reason unknown a door in the same zone appears correctly on the list with its related zone, but the window next to it, with the same renovation status, position, etc, leaves the cell blank!

Is there any way to fix this???
Στιγμιότυπο 2021-02-19, 4.16.28 μμ copy.png
Στιγμιότυπο 2021-02-19, 4.16.28 μμ copy.png (66.86 KiB) Viewed 130 times
I am not sure 'Related Zone' is really a good idea for use with windows and doors.
They should be using the 'To Zone' & 'From Zone' which is based on the orientation location click when you place the door/window.

You will probably find if you add a zone on the outside of the window (where you probably clicked to place the orientation) you will then get a 'Related Zone' as well - which is of course not what you want.

Hi Barry, thanks for the reply.
I used "Related zone number" because with "From" and "To" I always get some "Undefined" showing up in the schedule which I could't resolve. Maybe it has to do with the fact that this is a renovation project, and all doors and windows are new, but not all zones are new.

Anyway I cannot understand why Related Zones works fine with Doors, and not with windows.

I tried your suggestion, but still I didn't get the result. See attached image. Note that the door and window are placed on the same wall.
screen shot.png
screen shot.png (42 KiB) Viewed 86 times

Also, why it is not possible to see from the door/window settings the related zone values?
It seems I was making assumptions about the 'Related Zone'.
I just tested by placing doors and windows with the orientation inside and outside of the zone and the related zone showed for all of them (there is no zone on the outside).
The 'To Zone' and 'From Zone' work as expected with 'Undefined' where there is no zone.

I don't use the renovation filters much but I believe the zones need to be the same status as the doors/windows.

For some reason I can not post any images at the moment.

I have changed browsers.
Here is the image.

related_zone.jpg (96.18 KiB) Viewed 77 times
Thanks for the replies Barry.

I was going nuts with this because I couldn't understand what was going wrong. So I started a new project from the Graphisoft template. There everything worked as it should, so I started to try and understand what was different from my file.
It turned out the problem was with the zone... For some reason even if I was using the zone stamp from Library 24, the zone was created from an old favorite and didn't relate correctly to windows. Once used the zone from the GS template everything worked fine.