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By GrantE
We have a weird situation while working with TW files, which is most of the time. The person placing dimensions (not using auto dimension) will have the dimensions displayed properly, but sometime another user opening the project may see the dimension at a different location or even have it where text may be gone and the dimension is unselectable. Here are some examples: here are some dimensions I placed

Original.png (77.53 KiB) Viewed 206 times

Here are those same dimensions on a different computer. The ones one the secondary computer can't be selected by the dimension line (you can select the text and nodes), you'll also notice they move to the project origin. (the additional lines showing are from the marker range being enabled)

Secondary.png (62.94 KiB) Viewed 206 times

I tested out making them static, but it didn't resolve anything, we don't want to do that anyways. And as you can see it's inconsistent, meaning it wont happen all the time. Does anyone know what's going on here?
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By Podolsky
It is definitely software bug. If you are saying, that make them static does not solve the problem - the bug related only to dimension tool itself (because sometimes dimensions are jumping if in GDL code hotspots are not programmed properly).
The only solution - to report the bug and provide the file.

As temporary solution - explode problematic dimensions into lines and text and wait until bug will be fixed.
By rjwilden
Experienced odd dimension behaviour when saving to PDF. the text of the dimension would disappear. Problem was fixed when I closed and restarted Archicad.
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By Kaique

I am sorry for the experience, thank you very much for sharing the problem.

I found similar issues corrected by our updates, so I would like to ask you to confirm that both users are using the latest build.

Another option is to move a fill on which the dimension should be and then undo this action. This process will trigger a recalculation on the fills, so that will unhide them from an affected view.

If this does not solve this issue, please send us the support package from both users. They will help us with the investigation. You may find how to do it here:
I will send you a link to the shared folder in a Private Message.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,
By GrantE
We are all on build 5000. But I came here to post a quick workaround if anyone else is having this issue. This was brought up by someone in the office, I tested it out once, and it worked. This workaround may help the devs figure out what's going on too. This was done on a computer that had the problem dimensions, so this is good news.

Select the dimension tool and CTRL+A to select all dimensions, delete them all, and finally CTRL+Z to undo.

This fixed all of the dimensions that had bugged issues. I hope this helps.
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By Kaique

We are glad to hear that you could manage to find another workaround by yourself. Thanks for the feedback!

We would like to understand better your issue, so we can solve this problem without the need for a workaround. Can you please share some information with me in a private message?

I will be waiting for your feedback.

Best regards,