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I've been working on a smart way to tag walls in our projects. I created a custom label from autotext + fill + hotspots in order to have a custom shape and the usual pointer arrowheads.

I found out about the useful trick under Documentation>Annotation>Label selected elements to tag all walls / elements at once, but with this method or placing them manually one by one, it seems that the label's pointer are pre-dimensioned.
sc1.JPG (33.56 KiB) Viewed 140 times
Every time I place a label, it seems that the label is placed "Y" value above and "X" value to the right of the insertion point. I couldn't find a way to change these value in the label parameter. I also did try to adjust manually a label and use Pick Parameter, or save it as favourite, but it didn't work.

I reckon it might need some GDL addition under the object parameters.. but could not find anything specific online. My GDL is quite limited, and I hope finding the time to change that soon. In meanwhile, did anyone had a similar issue and could show me the right direction?

I don't think you have any control of this pointer length when you place a label with the 'Simple' geometry method (which is what the 'label selected elements' uses).
You can control only the pointer staring angle.

But if you place individually with the 'Detailed' geometry method, you get to place the 3 points of the pointer line where you want them.

Simple mean you place the label with one click when it has a pointer line.
Detailed means you click 3 times to position the pointer line where you want it.

label_geometry.jpg (22.3 KiB) Viewed 103 times
Ah nice, that's indeed helpful for placing them one by one, thanks for the trick!
I'll try to explore a possible way to define the default pointer dimension when placing by "simple" method or using the tag all function when I find some time. I'll share any progress I make here if someone is interested