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laszlonagy wrote: I am not a native English speaker so always consider that that I might not know the subtleties of the English language.
Your command of English is great Laz. I appreciate your responses and thank you for passing this on to Graphisoft developers.
You've been very positive generally & the work-around definitely 'works'.

There has been no subtlety in my posts to this thread - quite the opposite. I felt I had to make such a fuss of this issue because it seemed the only way to get this noticed. The issue appeared to have joined the long line of other issues that have still not been dealt with by the developers, seemingly at the expense of developing new features.

I hope that this issue (and others like it) is resolved in v.17 (or perhaps a hotfix? is that possible?)

laszlonagy wrote: I fully get that this is not how it should be and I have forwarded this topic to Graphisoft ... I actually think this would be a very useful feature.
Hi Laszlo

it's been 18 months since this issue was addressed. I've just looked through the release notes for v.18 and no mention of this being fixed.

Can you comment on what has happened to this?
Well, I am not a Graphisoft developer and neither do I have a say in what features get to be fixed or improved.
So all I could do at that point was forward these issues to Graphisoft.
They have a list that has thousands of feature requests and they need to find the priorities about what to address when and how.
Also, software companies rarely discuss future features. One reason is they don't want to let the competition know what they are up to, and also the nature of software development is such that a bug or unexpected circumstance may arise at any point which might make finishing a given feature impossible within a given time frame.
laszlonagy wrote:They have a list that has thousands of feature requests and they need to find the priorities about what to address when and how.
They aren't "feature" requests; they are "fix your broken ass software" requests.
For the record, I have also been struggling with this problem since the renovation filter concept was introduced a few years ago.

I'm kind of surprised I don't see more chatter about this issue here; either no one who produces construction drawings uses the renovation filter - using Demo and Proposed View sets - or there are few users of ArchiCAD who use it to produce CDs.

How are folks producing CDs - still using Demo/Proposed view sets, and only using Renovation Filter occasionally?


Is this feature ever going to be fixed? We are a third of the way into 2016 and this 'fix' has been discussed since 2012??!!
It isn't so much that its a difficult work around, but that it diminishes the usability of renovation states if we have to go back and control markers with layer combinations.
Undoing renovation states to revert back to a layer based control is time consuming and cumbersome. This wouldn't be an issue if it were solved or removed or at least came with the caveat that "renovation layers will not be useful in creating construction drawings'. Why fall back on a layer management strategy reminiscent of AutoCad 20+ years ago?
I know there was discussion of a laundry list of software bugs and items to be fixed but this has been disused for 4 years! Come on. And the idea of Graphisoft not wanting to telegraph what it has in store for the next release seems dubious at best.
News is it's 8 years later and it still isn't fixed. I'd be happier if they fixed the 1000 things like this that are just broken before they add a single new thing. It's great I can make fancy curtain walls now in 22 that maybe .001% of the industry uses. How about fix issues that 100% of the industry uses?