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Is there a way to set the renovation filter to keep the opening in the wall when removing a door? Seems like it should be straightforward but it has me stumped......
I don't think so because when you say to demolish (don't show) the door you are effectively removing the opening as well.
The door object is what controls the opening.
I don't use the reno filters but I am pretty sure there is no option to leave just the opening (I may be wrong).

I would tag the door "to be demolished" and set it to hide in your filter and then set up a "new" opening and set it to show.

You tag your door in the settings dialogue.

tag.jpg (33.47 KiB) Viewed 928 times
Set if you want it to 'show', 'hide, or 'override' in the renovation filter settings.

reno_filter.jpg (203.97 KiB) Viewed 942 times
Thanks Barry. I ended up using the button on the upper right of the renovation palette. I selected the door and chose to have it show in the Existing Plan filter only, then created a set to show in the Demolition Plan only, then created an empty opening in the After Demolition Plan which is set to show on all filters.

Seems like this could be taken care of by a prompt asking if you want to keep the opening or infill the opening after demolishing a door or window.
Found up this old thread from 2015, and just wondering if this is still the case in AC 24, needing to use a work-around to show an opening after demolition?

Presumably to show a new infill wall inside that opening we'd also then need to play with material priorities or create a new 'infill wall' layer with a different intersection group number?