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I have been trying to find a way to create an automated drawing issue sheet in ArchiCAD 20.

I have started to get my head around the issue history schedule but I am struggling to find a way to translate the capabilities of this into a reliable automatic schedule.

I have attached an image of what I am trying to achieve, I have previously used this type of issue register in Excel, filled in manually, but thought ArchiCAD might be able to automate it resulting in less errors.

My original thought was to combine a layout index (to ensure all of the issued layouts are included) with the issue history index (to provide revID, Issue Date, Issuer Initials etc.) on a layout with the grid and logos as elements of the master layout.

I can't figure out how to get the information from the issue history index to display horizontally or retain the previously issued revID so that it builds up as new issues are created.

Any ideas or direction of someone had looked at this previously would be appreciated.
did you ever get anywhere with this? we are starting to look into this also, seems silly to manually do the work when ArchiCAD automates so much of the information already!

Sort of, I ended up making an excel spreadsheet based on the document transmittal system I found in the Skewed S21 template ... rchicad-21. It uses ArchiCAD to generate some Issue and revision text documents, these can then be imported into excel and will automate the filling in of the issue sheet as long as the correct date and issue are input into the box at the top.

It took a bit of fiddling around with the project indexes to get the right stuff exporting but if you follow the guide in the Skewed template it's fairly simple.

I can't seem to attach the excel spreadsheet but may be able to email you if it would help. Setting up the formulas so that it would auto fill from the info provided through archiCAD took a bit of time and may have some issues but it seems to work most of the time for us.
By Glazz
Hi Sam,

Trying to struggle with the same problem here - how to get the issue sheet to display like our old excel versions. So far i've been looking at pivot tables in Excel but did you find a more elegant way in the end?
Hi Glazz,

It's not a particularly elegant solution but I did manage to get it to work following the guide posted above. It does require creating various schedules and loading them into Excel.

We recently found out that Central Innovation who distribute ArchiCAD in NZ are including a drawing issue tool as part of their addons shortly so I have given up on my slightly lackluster implementation. It's a GDL object which works on the same principle of creating specific schedules but works in archicad so we don't have to involve excel at all.
Thanks Gareth,

I haven't tried it yet but am downloading the library to give it a go. I watched the presentation on it a couple of months ago and it seemed to tick all the boxes.

Also thanks for adding a date to the title, I was downloading it regularly after the presentation to see if it had been updated and eventually gave up but the date makes it easy to keep a record of which version I have installed