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Hi everyone,

I've been developing a story marker for months and now it's time for its first release.

Some of the features are ;

Staggering Options

Display Story Name (with or without Story ID), 2 Story Elevations
with separate Reference Levels.

Additional Stories / Levels for extra levels needed to display, without
having to add actual project stories.

Markers on the left and right side can be move(offset) individually for each
story, or using “Batch Offset Distance” tab to offset multiple stories
(base on elevation) at the same time.

see more from the link below

And here are some screen shots,




Download page :
(Last Update : 23 Nov. 2017)

Please make sure you read "Environment Settings & Getting Start" also.


Feature Added ;

(20 Nov. 2017) “Custom Overwrite” option will automatically fill the blank field with Project Story Name and Additional Level Name (if set in “Additional Levels Settings …” tab). This is useful when only a minor detail needs to be edited, such as, from “First Floor Plan” to “First Floor Plan (revision 1)” or a special character needs to be issued( \n = new line, \t = tab ).
Change ;

(23 Nov. 2017) Textblock Width and Text Alignments for Story Elevation 1 and Story Elevation 2 are disabled. Their values will be automatically calculated instead.
Bugs fixed ;

(23 Nov. 2017) “Mirror Text Alignment” option for Story Name is not working correctly. Fixed.

(20 Nov. 2017) Marker only works for project with 50 project stories, not 500. Fixed.
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Hi alemanda,

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but if I do, that's probably because it's not a "section-elevation marker" subtype. It is "story marker" subtype. So it cannot be saved as section/elevation marker.

After selecting this story marker to use with any of section / elevation, please try to save favorite. The story marker should be saved along with that particular section / elevation settings.
Thank you for sharing this very well developed GDL. This is much more useful than the built-in story marker.

It works great with ArchiCAD Int. It doesn't, however, seem to work with AC US version, unfortunately. The stories don't show up correctly in the US version, probably because the AC US lacks the story 0.
Would you be able to tweak the script and make it available for the AC US (and other story-0-less AC version) users?
Great! It would be really appreciated.

The European way of counting the floors is: the ground floor, the 1st floor, the 2nd floor...
In the US, it is: the 1st floor (or the ground floor), the 2nd floor, the 3rd floor...

To accommodate this convention, there is no Story 0 in the story settings in AC US. AC Japanese is also the same way.

Thank you Palawat.
kmitotk, could you please send me your email address via private messaging so I can send you the file to test?

I've added a checkbox on the first tab. This HAS TO BE CHECKED when using with ArchiCad version without zero index story (USA, JP) and HAS TO BE UNCHECKED when using with any version with zero index story.

There is a limitation, though. Working back and forth between different versions (ie, from INT version to USA version, or vise and versa) is NOT seamlessly. All of the custom settings/values will get shifted.
I am trying this Story Marker but I am struggling with the prefixes and the overrides.
I want to show an extra level per story, with a different prefix than the story levels:
- the prefix FFL for the level of the story
- the prefix TOC for the Top Of Concrete level

I don't manage to do this. Is it possible?

Also I would like to override the colour of the 0 level (the elevation number) and I only managed to override the name. is it possible?

Thank you very much anyway. It is a nice plug in!!