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By ksjhawk
Lately I have been using renovation filters to create options within a file. All the components on option 1 would be pinned to the Option 1 renovation filter, etc. This normally works great. I find though, that even though my zones are also pinned to specific renovation filters, they are still interacting with elements of other renovation filters.

See attached for example.

Any thoughts?
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By dkovacs
Hello ksjhawk,

Although it makes sense that if you pin these elements to different renovation filters, they should never exist in the same time and space, and thus not have an effect on each other, originally Renovation Filters were not designed for such workflows (handling different Design Options I mean), thus this specific issue hasn't come up before.

Still, most of the tools/functions follow this 'rule', and so should zones, so it can be considered a kind of bug (but it is more like a limitation that comes from the initial design). I have added this issue to our system (issue #254594), so if it turns out to be something we can "fix" without redesigning/recoding the entire tool, then we might be able to do it in a later version. Otherwise this is good input for future developments (if we are to redesign the Zone tool, or maybe add a Design Options feature)!

I can see these workarounds currently:
  • If you are not working on renovations, then you can actually do this by making one of your design options "to be demolished" and the other option "new". This way the zones will only find the corresponding walls.
  • Alternatively you can set the columns to not have an effect on zones, and draw the boundaries of the zones manually. This way the boundary will be as you defined, and the columns will not be subtracted either.
I'll be interested to hear how you solved this in the end! Good luck!

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By Djordje
Hi guys

I have a different issue with the zones. Today, the zones that have the same renovation status as the walls, do not want to generate automatically, and the warning pops up that the renovation status of the linked elements is not the same.

While, it is.

Any ideas, aside from drafting the zones manually?
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By dkovacs
Hello Djordje,

Can you post a picture of the error you get?
If you can copy-paste the 'wrong' parts to an empty file, and reproduce the same there, then it would also help if you uploaded that as an example file so that we can see/test for ourselves.

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By Djordje
Hi Daniel!

I passed it on to my distributor, BIMES in Dubai. They have the PLA, the screen movies, everything, and are in touch with you.

Today, new zones work, old ones do or do not. I can not get the logic... Merging to a new file did not help.

The same file has some other issues, like not being able to do the circular fill... :D I like challenges ;)