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By Isaac Strong
Hello. We have a serious issue with text being completely inconsistent in both model views and layouts. Annotations in the model aren't too critical but they are bothersome because they are completely unpredictable. I will give an example of both.

If I open the text editor, change nothing and exit, the text now centers and lines up with the leader line. See below (the annotation above has not been 'fixed' yet).
This is annoying but not critical. The real problem is with our notes in our sheets when we print. I created notes, they look great. 2 or 3 weeks goes by and then one day the notes are all 'bigger' even though the settings are the exact same.

You can see in the images below, the text box shows the original size of the text, but now the text extends past the original box. If I open the project on another computer WITHOUT receiving changes it looks perfect and all text is within its original text box and the settings have not changed. I send and receive changes and all the text extends, with the setting staying the same.
It does not have to do with scale since the text lives on the layout not in a model view. We thought it may be windows "auto-scaling" text since we are using 4K monitors but have display in windows set to 150% but we never change that so ArchiCAD shouldn't be changing on the fly like it is.

Any help would be appreciated,
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By dkovacs

This is probably because of the missing font. In the screenshots I can see that the Font type says [Helvetica]. There are 2 things that stick out:
  • Helvetica is a macOS-only Font, and this is a screen-shot of ARCHICAD on Windows.
  • It is in [square brackets], which means that the OS couldn't find the font, so it was replaced with the closest font it could find (most of the time it is Arial) - so it is replaced with a different font that has different sizes, so the text display shifts.
If you are working in teamwork with someone who uses macOS, then find a Font that is available on both OSs and use that (e.g. Arial), or install the same font on both computers and use that common font.

Another important thing is that the two Operating Systems use different encoding methods for Fonts. As a result, on Windows you can choose the encoding in the text settings (e.g. western, central european), whilst on macOS you can not. If the encoding is not the same on both computers, it might also fail to find the correct font. My experience is that the Western encoding is usually the one that is used by macOS, but if not, then you should try the other options as well.

I hope this helped!

By Isaac Strong
Thank you!! We only have MacOS user (laptop outside of office) so that must have been how the fonts snuck in.