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By Eli Chiasson
This is happening in ARCHICAD 21 Build 7000.

I've started using the Markup tool, but just ran into a problem I can't solve: objects tagged in a Markup entry are being overridden in an Elevation View, even with Show Markup Items unchecked in the View's Model View Options.

See the image below:
  1. The door on the left (green) is tagged in the Markup entry. The door on the right (normal) is not. The Markup entry has the category Closed which overrides objects with a green pen.
  2. The Elevation View has a Model View Option set not to show Markup Items.
  3. When I remove the doors from the Markup entry, the color override disappears, so I know this is the source of the problem.
  4. In plan, the Markup override obeys the Model View Option settings.
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By dkovacs

I think the there is a bug here, but it might not be what you think.

So, first of all, when you turn off the Markup items in the MVO, it removes the override from the floor plan, but if you go the the 3D view, it will still be overridden (and that is why in the section it is also overridden, because the section is created from the 3D).

I think the actual bug is not that it stays overridden in 3D, but that the override is removed from the Floor Plan (in aC20 it was still hidden in the floor plan, and I reckon that was the correct behaviour). That MVO setting is just to hide the Markup items, and not the overrides. I let the developers and the designers know about this issue (issue #258811).

If you want to remove the overrides from the view, you will need to turn off the Markup Entry. You can do that by turning off the eye next to the entry in the Markup Palette. By design these overrides are not permanent View Settings, but temporary visualisations for marking problematic items for collaboration - it should only be visible while in the process of reviewing, but it should be visible in all views then.

Please see if this helps you, and let me know how it shakes out.

markup entries off (regardless of mvo).png
markup entries on (regardless of mvo).png
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for this reply, it solves the problem.

It might actually be useful, now that I see it, to have the 3D override visible even when the MVO is off. The only thing I see that is missing is the ability to control which markup are on or off is one-by-one. Even in the Markup panel there isn't a way to intelligently control them through groups or otherwise, and they can't be controlled through MVOs or 3D view options.
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By dkovacs

Yeah, I have seen that mentioned before (that it would be great if it could be grouped). You can have multiple entries selected, and you can change the visibility of those at once, but still you should have more control over this. I added your thoughts to our entry about this request.