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By calebg
I've found that when I create a favorite, for example object or wall, it keeps story info. So if I try to insert that element in a different story, ArchiCAD gives me a message saying

"As a result of the last operation element has been created and/or have changed their position on currently unseen stories".

I know I can change that setting before inserting, but it kind of defeats (partially) the purpose of using favorites. Is there a way to remove "story" info from a favorite so it works relative the story you are in?

I've noticed sometimes it doesn't apply story, but I can't quite find out why/when.

In version 22 go into the favourite settings and choose "Element transfer settings".
There you can choose what info to use with each transfer setting.

In earlier versions I think it is just call 'Favourite Preferences' or something like that as they don't have the option for multiple transfer settings.

...Home Story is unchecked and favorite still adds wall on another story, I missing something? :(
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 2.49.45 PM.png
...I think it works. I just needed to change the "Home" once and now it is "live". Is that what I was missing?
calebg wrote:
Tue Feb 05, 2019 9:54 pm
...I think it works. I just needed to change the "Home" once and now it is "live". Is that what I was missing?
It never used to work at all in older versions but it was also done a little differently then.
Maybe it just needed a little nudge.

Hi all,
I'm having the same trouble and it's very frustrating - I have changed the Element Transfer Settings multiple times, created several new ones and applied them, but it still attempts to apply a default home story (the one which the favorites were created on) to walls (it seems to have rectified itself for Zones though)....what am I missing?
(using ArchiCAD 22)...