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By vfrontiers
So I am working on a project I just ported over from 22 to 23 this morning...

I have a PDF on a LAYOUT and I'm add TEXT LABEL and TEXT and LINES as a redline...
While I'm drawing (earlier) everything was in RED...
I had to break away and do some other "chores" and came back to this layout...

If I select the Label, its info palette shows that everything SHOULD be RED.
But if I HOVER over a label, it tells me what kind of element it is (label) … what layer it's on …

I cannot find a way to turn off this override?
Not at the ELEMENT LEVEL... not at the LAYOUT level...

If I go back to the 2d Plan... that override is NOT active... And changing to NO OVERRIDES does nothing...

I'm guessing there's some new feature that I don't know about....

Any help is appreciated...
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By vfrontiers
Here's a screenshot showing...
1. This is a LAYOUT
2. Label SELECTED shows colors should be RED
3. Highlight box shows GRAPHIC OVERRIDE is applied... (How?)
override in Layout
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By vfrontiers
Here's the kicker.... I Don't have a graphic override in this project named VF_ALL BLACK!
By DGSketcher
Probably less new feature and more work in progress. I have a similar thing here on my Mac, so it isn't platform related. In my case it has picked a user created rule (not combination) from the many available but there is no way to change which rule is used. The only correlation I can find is it is at the bottom of the list for the GO combination applied to the only drawing on the layout. You can modify the rule and the changes to colour etc will be displayed. I have found deleting the applied rule removes it and highlighted items no longer list any GO. So there's the apparent fix BUT without checking all my combinations I'm not sure how many would be affected by deleting the rule and recreating it or even if it would be a permanent fix...
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By vfrontiers
That seems to be the case here as well...

NEW ISSUE... it is now overriding my 2d PLAN view as well...
In fact, I'm trying to CHANGE the GO and it WON'T... it just keeps the last RULE as a diplay override...

This is kind of frustrating now as I just ported over and done a days work, but won't be able to print anything if GO are incorrect.

BY THE WAY.. the override for layouts ONLY deals with the MASTER ITEMS... not the elements placed on the layout...
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By vfrontiers
At least the 2d Floor Plan version is fixable....
1. It did override my 2d plan to all grey..
2. Selecting a new GO from the pull down menu did NOT change anything.
3. But, opening a VIEW with a different GO seemed to work fine.
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By vfrontiers
Update #2: Looks like it's now considered a BUG and they are looking into it..

For me, the solution was to find BOTH the offending RULE (easy to see in the pop up dialog while hovering over a label in the layout window) AND the COMBINATION it belongs to...
By DGSketcher
Good to read GS have taken notice of the issue. I still think the layout window settings should have a specific setting point, at present it can be down to chance as to what is displayed.