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By vfrontiers
So after finding the original OFFENDING GO Rule and deleting... all was well... for a while (not even a day)..

It soon picked up another RULE and turned everything GREY (based on the rule)...

Good news is that the POP UP INFO PALETTE let's me know which RULE it is...

Now, instead of deleting that rule, I update it to NOT INCLUDE anything on the ARCHICAD LAYER (you could make a LAYOUT NOTES layer as well)...

This seems to work.. I have no ideal WHY it picks ONE OF THE RULES and applies it to all LAYOUT ELEMENTS? Of note, it DOES override TITLE TYPES... so if the rule disables FILLS or changes pens, it will affect those items.
I´m so glad i found this post, I have the exact same problem in a Teamwork Project migrated from 22 to 23.
All Elements on Layout are turned black and transparent, which renders a bunch of Layouts useless.

Will try the "exclude Archicad layer" now, since everything added on layouts is on Archicad layer anyway.
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By mnguyen
Hi All,

Thank you for reporting the issue and I am sorry about the experience!

This is a known defect to us, which is caused by any Graphic Override Combination that includes rule Fill Background - Transparent. If you remove this rule from the combination, the elements in layouts will not have their pens overridden!

This defect is scheduled to be fixed in the second update of ARCHICAD 23. Until then, I can only suggest using the above method in order to avoid this issue!

Thank you all for your understanding and contribution to the forum! I wish you all a great week ahead!

Best regards,