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By mbl
I have a little annoying problem with placed drawings and the way they display Pen Weights. Or that they display Pen Weights differently in Project/View Map and on Layouts.

I have a worksheet with my siteplan and on it a placed Drawing with roads and property boundaries that is linked to a DWG-file. That drawing has its Pen Set set to "B&W Hairline". I turn on True Line Weights and everything looks OK so far. Even if I change the View's Pen Set to anything else -still looks good with my work with correct thicknesses and reference Drawing thin.

But when I place this View on a Layout and choose a Pen Set other than "By View", the Line Weights from the "nested" Drawing are represented as they come from the original DWG and not as seen in the View.

So my setup with Pen Sets is:

Placed Drawing on a Worksheet: B&W Hairline
Saved View: Color
Drawing on a Layout: B&W

Yes, I can have the View saved with the B&W Pen Set and then Drawing on a Layout with Pen Set "By View", but I want to see my views/my work in color when I'm working with them and only in B&W when placed on a Layout. I thought that was the idea of Pen Sets in Drawing settings after all.

So is that a bug or a feature that I don't fully understand?
Saved View.png
Saved View
Placed on a Layout
Hello mbl,

I've understood the facts you describe but I don't understand what is your matter
You can use a view (with its own pen set) with another pen set on your layout to avoid duplicating and archiving a view to only change its pen set
It's quite convenient, simple and flexible to use
By mbl
Hi Christophe,

It can be done, but it's a workaround for such a basic thing that should be working in the first place.

It is unintuitive, adds extra steps in the workflow by creating duplicate Views with different Pen Sets and is misleading when it shows different lineweights in the view and on the layout.

Plus, when one comes across a thing like this, it takes a while to figure out what went wrong, especially when the same (recommended) workflow works fine with everything else.
Hello mbl,

I think you should prepare your own template and create your own work environnement to evict this type of inconvenience which from my point of view are just a wealth of settings.

Have a great day !