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By MichelleCav
Please help- new to archicad and using archicad 19 I’m doing an extension and when I turn off the layer to the wall to be demolished and I insert the new wall over it at the intersection point there are no lines. (Photo attached) I’m hoping someone can please help me. I’m presuming it’s a setting somewhere but I just can’t work it out.

Thanks in advance
If it is the same material as the other walls, lower it's Intersection Priority so that it does not cut the walls that you are keeping. Though I believe that this will not fix all of your wall contour lines, but it will prevent there being a hole in your toilet wall, 2D fill and 3D.

If the Building Material of the removed wall is high than that of the retained, reduce the Building Material Strength of said Building Material, or turn off auto-intersection and do not intersect the reference lines of your removed wall with the retained. With these two, the Building Material change will have a similar result as the Intersection Priority change mentioned before while the Auto-intersection change will give you a thicker line cutting the joint between the two walls when you show existing.

Alternatively, and probably better, would be to put the removed wall on a separate layer and have that layer change Intersection Group between an existing and planned Layer Combination. This would be the best option as far as I know, but I do not work on renovations so there maybe a better way.

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By Barry Kelly
Or you could use the renovation filters.
Then you can have exactly the same wall type in the same layer. but one is tagged as 'New' and the other as 'To Be Demolished'.
You can show, hide or override the walls based on the renovation filter that you set.
Archicad will take care of the trimming for you - no messing around with building material strengths or layer priorities.